Art Show – Some artwork displayed

Shown image: ‘Bob & Bob’

Art Show—some artworks  #short

A June 1, group art exhibit and the artwork I have submitted. Three oil paintings!

Also some artworks I have in my permanent display area at the gallery.

By all means if you are in the area, please stop in. Artwork displayed by 14 area artists.

Thursday evening, June 1, Katsea Gallery, Towson, MD, 5 to 9pm.

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Paintings for exhibit display:

‘Oh My!!!’

‘The Tunnel’

‘Two Part Harmony’

Plus other paintings currently displayed at the Gallery!

Art Stuff 93-Hauptcee’s back for cookies & showing his painting!

Art Stuff 93-Hauptcee’s back for cookies & showing his painting!

Hauptcee Haupt, my fourth fictitious twin brother is back to show his fourth finished painting. And yes, I made him his requested homemade cookies. Cookies for this visit: Thumbprint Cookies!

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Tale of the lost hat!

The Tale of the Lost Cap!

It’s been a rough couple of weeks. I misplaced my favorite hat and with it three unable-to-replace enamel pins that adorned one side. I searched everywhere, backtracked to places I had been in hopes of rejoining hat to head. Yet all for naught.

Finally yesterday I resolved myself to the fact that it was gone and other hats I had, minus the pins, needed to rise up to fill this void. Yes, with head hung low and wiping away a tear, I gave up!

With that I left for a planned visit to see my new granddaughter and bring dinner to the mom & dad, Terresa and Jesse. Entering the house I stopped dead in my tracks and mouth dropped open, wide enough a kitten could have jumped in for a nap!

There on Waverly’s head was my hat, she had found it and was now wearing it. Pointing to the cap as to ask, is this yours?

With faked reluctance (and a silly smirk) she returned it.

I asked if she wanted some shrimp toast as a reward, she respectfully declined. She decided the look on my face at seeing the hat was reward enough.

What a treat, what joy, such a great kid!

An Art Exhibit

Katsea Gallery will host an opening for a group art exhibit next Thursday, June 1. Included with the 14 artists on display is little old me. This is the promo for this upcoming event. Join us for an evening of art, artists and merriment!

Summer Group Show Opening at Katsea Gallery

Thursday, June 1, 2023— 5 to 9pm

1 W. Pennsylvania Ave, Within Towson Commons Building

Towson, MD 21204

Art Stuff 92 -Cookies! Making Cookies

Art Stuff 92-Cookies! Making Cookies

Under a ‘brotherly request’ obligation to make homemade cookies for Hauptcee’s visit with a finished painting I’m doing a test run. First time making ’Thumbprint’ cookies! If successful, I will make another batch just prior to Hauptcee’s arrival next week. And then there’s the wood ‘dowel’! Wood dowel???

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Art Stuff 91-A Hauptcee Haupt Update! Plus what cookies to make?

Art Stuff 91-A Hauptcee Haupt Update! Plus what cookies to make?

With honoring my last episodes ‘pinky swear’, Ep 91 gives an update on Hauptcee Haupt’s oil painting project progress.

Also since Hauptcee wants homemade cookies when he visits in two weeks, I need to choose which cookies to make.

Oh, Hauptcee is also working on another art project destined for the November 2nd, 2023 Solo Art Exhibit at Katsea Gallery.


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Art Short 2– Layout for the Art Show #shorts

Art Short 2– Layout for the Art Show #shorts

Shorts, a one minute condensed version of one of my recent YouTube Video Episodes

Shown from the Craig’s Art Stuff 87 video.

Measuring the gallery walls, in-between shows while the walls are bare, for a layout to establish where selected artworks will be hung in my November 2, 2023 solo art exhibit. #shorts 

I’m showing ‘Art Short 2’ today since I posted it to YouTube.

I will backtrack tomorrow and show ‘Art Short 1’ which I posted last week but didn’t post to WordPress. My bad!!!

My YouTube channel-an Anniversary!

Was just informed by YouTube that this was my anniversary of starting my YouTube channel.

April 4th, 2020 was that ‘first step’.

I’m at Art Stuff Ep. 90 but per YouTube I have posted 96 art video’s.

I want to sincerely thank everyone that has subscribed, viewed, and ‘Liked’ this video art journal of my creating art, artbooks, prepping for exhibits, etc.

My intent for the art video project is to keep improving the art content, script writing, filming, and continue learning the DaVinci Resolve editing program.

Thanks again!!!

‘First Step’©Craig L Haupt, oil on canvas, in private collection

Art Stuff 90-Artwork for the Nov. art show

Good morning everyone! Besides Ep. 90 highlighting framing the ‘Two Cent Stamp’ Watercolor, two framed watercolors were mentioned as being set aside for the November 2nd, 2023, Solo Art Exhibit at Katsea Gallery. 

‘Ladybug Necklace, Butterfly Bowtie’ ©Craig L Haupt, Watercolor/pen & ink, 9 x 9 inches.

Art Stuff 90 YouTube video: