The Art Show

Don: Hear the good news?
Larry: No
Don: Craig’s artwork stays up at Highlandtown Gallery for two more Saturdays.
Larry: That’s Aug 20 and 27?
Don: yep, same time, 1 to 4
Larry: Cool, I missed the previous Saturdays, so I get another chance to see his artwork!
Larry again: Can I bring a friend?
Don: Of course, Craig is happy to see and meet everyone who stops by, even though he is a most serious of all world-wide-documented serious art people! Try and make him laugh, it’s tough!

The Pop-up Art Show

Bob: Did you hear the good news?

Martha: Yes!!! I did, Craig’s Pop-up show is back on and he will be there today (Sat. 6th) from 1 to 4 at Highlandtown Gallery, Baltimore, MD.

Bob: What about us?

Martha: That’s even better news, we are going to be featured in the show!

Bob: And who are we???

Martha: ‘Eye to Eye’, a 20 x 16 inch, oil on board!

Bob: Anything else?

Martha: Yes!!! Since it is such short notice and maybe you can’t make it, there will be a second chance, Craig will also be at Highlandtown Gallery Sat. Aug 13th from 1 to 4.

Bob: Cool!!!!

The Art Show – one of nine

Of the 4 images shown on the LED Billboard, one will be featured with nine other of my artworks this Aug 5, First Friday Pop-up show at Highlandtown Gallery, Baltimore, MD, 5 to 8pm. This is the scanned shot to show a clearer image of that painting.

‘The Nudge’© Craig L Haupt, 16 x 16 inch, oil on canvas

Thank you for all the wonderful responses and comments to yesterdays LED Billboard post, I deeply appreciate it.

Up in Lights!

The Nudge

Four of my paintings are on the big LED Billboard on Charles Street across from Penn Station, Baltimore! (Aug 2nd – 8th)

The Led lights are creating that waving effect in the images.

All but one of these paintings are in private collections – the first/top one ‘The Nudge’ will be one of the nine featured this Aug 5, First Friday Pop-up show at @highlandtown_gallery, Baltimore, MD, 5 to 8pm.

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But the Map Says……
A Walk in the Park
Tidying Up

The Pop-up Art Show-Art stuff

Here goes folks, coming down the home stretch! Of the nine featured paintings for this Friday’s Pop-up show, two are pen & ink/watercolors. This is one. An upgraded remake from a 25 year ago color pencil drawing.

‘Three Flowers’© Craig L Haupt

All nine for the upcoming August 5, Pop-up Art show.

Aug 5, First Friday Pop-up show at Highlandtown Gallery, Baltimore, MD, 5 to 8pm.