Catch Up

There has been some glitches in getting the URL’s for the video Link. Attaching the Link by the drop down menu under ‘video’ stopped working for me. Several attempts failed and with it I stopped posting the YouTube videos I was creating detailing the creating of my second ArtStory book.

I just tried again the other day with Ep 45 and ran into the same problems. I finally contacted WP help chat and initially their suggestions didn’t have any positive result. Towards the end of the text conversation there was one last suggestion which turned out to be the simplest and most direct solution. Lo and behold, it worked, lol!!!

So even though I am now on Ep 45, with new title block and Thumbnail design these videos must keep evolving as I learn the editing and branding process, lol. I will post those missing episodes over the next few weeks to catchup and get aligned with the current YouTube video postings of my ArtStory book, new paintings, TBT (throw back Thursday) of my first ArtStory book, the current solo art show, and other art tidbits.

This episode, uploaded to YouTube June 13 features painting number 17 of the 48 primary paintings of the ArtStory book, ‘Roots of a Conversation, 10 x 8 inch, oil on CanvasAlso included in this Episode 26 is continuation of ‘Turntable Guy’ painting

Plus TBT (Throw Back Thursday) segment highlighting the June 17th Slide #3 from ‘The Journey to Ukazoo”.

Overall view of  the “24 Album Cover” book Episode series project is Highlighting the artistic design, writing stories, creating art images, computer applications including learning InDesign & Photoshop, layout for conversion to PDF, and a crowdfunding campaign to help fund the conversion of the self-published ArtStory project to printed form.

The ArtStory book will feature 48 full color images, 77 supporting images, and 24 short story/vignettes within a 9.5 x 9.5, 100 plus page self-published book.



Musical guest for Episode 27:

John Hardwicke, piano

‘Terri’s Teacups’© John Hardwicke