Art Stuff 79-Another Art Show

Art Stuff 79-Another Art Show & a few other art things

This 3 minute Ep. focuses on an upcoming group art show and, yes, some other art stuff.

A group show, not a solo.

I’m joining a group of 17 artists that will be displaying lots of art stuff. Some of my work is at the gallery in what you would call permanent display. Some additional artworks for the exhibit I just dropped off at the gallery a couple of days ago.

And these (the three on the workstation), I’m prepping to pack up and take to the gallery in a few days.

And yes, I’m baking some chocolate chip cookies for the opening reception!

Katsea Gallery, 1 W. Pennsylvania Ave, Towson, Maryland, Thursday, Nov. 3, 5 to 8pm.

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Art Stuff 78 – Art and my twin brother

Art Stuff, Episode 78

This Episode recounts all my art projects in motion and the start of a new year-long oil painting project.

It also brings the realization that it’s too much for one artist type person to do.

And with a knock on the door, help has arrived in the form of my fourth twin brother, Hauptcee Haupt.


Hauptcee Haupt, my ‘fourth twin brother’

Hello Friends! Please take a moment to read this as a prologue, so that you may better understand my next year-long art project.

Here’s the quick backstory. I had submitted my art to “The Huts Magazine,” an Instagram online/print publication, and it was accepted. Of course, I ordered a print copy. The four images, Biography, and Artist statement all looked good in the magazine’s two-page spread. But ahh, there had been a mishap.

My name was reversed and minus the ‘L’; rather than being Craig L Haupt, I was now Haupt Craig!

While addressing this name snafu with close friends, comments ranged from theorizing that my new name sounded like a German or Dutch Renaissance artist to progressively sillier takes, finally culminating with my announcing I was now Haupt C.  — or the final version — Hauptcee Haupt.

Then why not have a slight bit more fun and sign my next oil painting ‘Hauptcee’. That seemed like a simple progression.

Then I thought if I could have fun as the jovial ‘Hauptcee’ for an evening and a painting, why not be ‘Hauptcee’ for a year?! The next long-range Body of work/series of paintings could all be painted and signed by this fictitious Hauptcee Haupt, kind of like my fictitious ‘The Journey to Ukazoo’ ArtStory project.

So, I wanted all of you to know that in my next YouTube video tomorrow I’m going to introduce my fourth twin brother, Hauptcee Haupt. Three previous twin brothers have already been featured in earlier video episodes. And even better, my next solo art show in November 2023 will feature the new oil paintings of Hauptcee Haupt, himself. This artwork project will be the only paintings Hauptcee Haupt will produce. After his year of fame as an artiste, he’ll return to his family in Blue Ridge, Georgia, and continue working in his trade as a plumber and part time Librarian.

All this to make you aware of any references within future YouTube video and social media postings over the next year pertaining to ‘Hauptcee Haupt’ and just who the hell is Craig talking about!!

Thanks for reading and future watching!


The Sketchbook
A closeup
The painting

Another post for ‘Inktober’. Inked doodles from a page of one of my sketchbooks. A close up of a selected ‘doodle’, and the oil painting that resulted.
‘Dessert’© Craig L Haupt

Art Stuff-Maine, the Inn and lots of artwork

Art Stuff  77 – Maine, the Inn and lots of art stuff

Second part of the two week Maine trip was 8 days of staying at a Bed & Breakfast Inn. There was the tourist stuff and the Lobster stuff. But the greater focus was on art projects that I would take some time to review, prep, and update for the finish stages when back home. All in one 4 minute semi-action packed video that, I’m sorry to say, does not feature any top billing movie stars! Maybe next time!


There’s this artist thing: Inktober. Posting a pen & ink drawing everyday during October. I’ll pass on the ‘every day’ thing but will do a few posts during October for the support of it.
‘Expecting’© Craig L Haupt, Pen & ink with a touch of watercolor