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Well, a little dance is in order. My YouTube channel hit the 100 subscriber mark. Not a 10,000 or even 1,000 but that’s cool, this YouTube channel was never designed to go big-time. I made this YouTube art-diary channel for a close knit group of family, friends, and followers of my style of art and the journey of creating it. Thank you to everyone that has subscribed and viewed these continued video art postings!

‘Cuba Rum’©Craig L Haupt, oil on canvas, in private collection

Art Stuff 84 – Art stuff on floor & Hauptcee update

Art Stuff 84-Art stuff on the floor and a Hauptcee Haupt update!

This 3 minute Art Stuff video poses the question, ‘what is that art stuff on the floor???’ and also updates Hauptcee Haupt’s latest adventures as he continues to work his way to a November solo art exhibit.

Final note: Hauptcee will be back in February to highlight the third finished Hauptcee Haupt painting, at least that’s his plan.

English subtitles included


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Hauptcee Haupt – Finished painting #2

As per the Art Stuff 83 YouTube video, this is Hauptcee Haupt’s second finished painting.
‘An extremely vague reflection’©Hauptcee Haupt, oil on canvas, 18 x 18 inches.
Second painting for Hauptcee’s Nov. 3 solo exhibit at @katseagallery.
Art Stuff 83 YouTube Link on my profile.
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YouTube, Art Stuff 83

Art Stuff 83 – Hauptcee Haupt, finished painting #2

With the new year comes another visit from Hauptcee Haupt, my fourth fictitious twin brother. This time to show his second finished painting for the Nov. 2023 solo exhibit. Also offering glimpses of his progress with painting #3 and the start of painting #4.

Oh, and I also prepped a wall for displaying his finished paintings as he brings them up.

‘An extremely vague reflection’, oil on canvas, 18 x 18 inches.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and wish you the best in the upcoming new year!!!

Art Stuff – 82 Art Update & Hauptcee

Art Stuff 82-Art Update for New Year & What’s Hauptcee doing now

Art update for the new year! What’s happening with ongoing art projects and what is Hauptcee Haupt (my fictitious fourth twin brother) up to.

A hint: Hauptcee paintings 2, 3, & 4.

Have a wonderful holidays everyone and a wonderful, great, fabulous, prosperous, fun filled New Year!!! 


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BMA After Hours-Art & Music

BMA (Baltimore Museum of Art) Art After Hours is back, just reserved my ticket and will be ready to step on out for a night of art/music.

Hope to see you there if you partake!

This is the BMA link…/art-after-hours-american-underground/

This is their ad below:

“BMA-Get Ready! Art After Hours Returns on December 9

Our late night art party is back for the winter season with a contemporary Juke Joint theme inspired by early-20th-century nightlife.

Join us on Friday, December 9 from 8-11 p.m. for cocktails, music by DJ Ty Alexander, appetizers by H3irloom Food Group, collage-making with artist Edgar Reyes, free admission to A Movement in Every Direction: Legacies of the Great Migration, and more. Tickets are $20 for Members, $25 for Non-Members.”

Hauptcee Haupt-My fictitious twin brother

So yesterday was Hauptcee’s first oil painting, ‘On Second Thought….Pearls’

And this is Hauptcee, my fourth fictitious twin brother up from Blue Ridge, Georgia.

For those new to this year-long art project, I included below, the origin’s of this art project and Hauptcee for those that wish to familiarize yourself with Hauptcee and the art project. (This text was part of an Oct 10 FB post)

How it all started:

“Here’s the quick backstory. I had submitted my art to “The Huts Magazine,” an Instagram online/print publication, and it was accepted. Of course, I ordered a print copy. The four images, Biography, and Artist statement all looked good in the magazine’s two-page spread. But ahh, there had been a mishap.

My name was reversed and minus the ‘L’; rather than being Craig L Haupt, I was now Haupt Craig!

While addressing this name snafu with close friends, comments ranged from theorizing that my new name sounded like a German or Dutch Renaissance artist to progressively sillier takes, finally culminating with my announcing I was now Haupt C. — or the final version — Hauptcee Haupt.

Then why not have a slight bit more fun and sign my next oil painting ‘Hauptcee’.

That seemed like a simple progression.

Then I thought if I could have fun as the jovial ‘Hauptcee’ for an evening and a painting, why not be ‘Hauptcee’ for a year?! The next long-range Body of work/series of paintings could all be painted and signed by this fictitious Hauptcee Haupt, kind of like my fictitious ‘The Journey to Ukazoo’ ArtStory project.

So, I wanted all of you to know that in my next YouTube video tomorrow I’m going to introduce my fourth twin brother, Hauptcee Haupt. Three previous twin brothers have already been featured in earlier video episodes. And even better, my next solo art show in November 2023 will feature the new oil paintings of Hauptcee Haupt, himself. This artwork project will be the only paintings Hauptcee Haupt will produce. After his year of fame as an artiste, he’ll return to his family in Blue Ridge, Georgia, and continue working in his trade as a plumber and part time Librarian.

All this to make you aware of any references within future YouTube video and social media postings over the next year pertaining to ‘Hauptcee Haupt’ and just who the hell is Craig talking about!!

Thanks for reading and future watching!”

Hauptcee Haupt and his finished oil painting

So here it is, Hauptcee Haupt’s first oil painting: ‘On Second Thought….Pearls’ as highlighted in my YouTube Episode 81

This painting is the first of a year-long art project to have Hauptcee create eight to ten, 18 x 18 inch oil paintings to be displayed in Nov. 2023 for a November solo exhibit at @katseagallery.

This art project & Hauptcee are being documented within my YouTube video series. Hauptcee, my fourth fictitious twin brother was introduced in Ep 78.

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