Designing an Artbook, Episode 4

Now playing on YouTube, Episode 4 of my series of ‘Designing an Artbook’. A 10 minute Episode highlighting the ‘Contents & Preface’ parts of my second ArtStory book . Please view, subscribe to help make this a successful YouTube video art project and subsequently the successful self-publishing of the “24 Album Covers” art book. This art/story book will be a 9.5 x 9.5, 100 page book with 48 full color images and 24 short stories.

YouTube Trailer, Art

As I work on filming a trailer for my YouTube channel, some examples of art to give credibility are recommended and I as I combed through examples I might be able to use I came across a trove of my early photography days. This is a shot I might consider as one of several art image examples for the YouTube video trailer.

Copyright: Craig L Haupt

YouTube, Craig L Haupt

“24 Album Covers” 3rd Episode

ok folks, the 3rd episode of Creating an ArtStory book is now available on YouTube. This episode looks at the design work for the half title and title page of my ‘to be’ self-published “24 Album Covers” book plus an example of one of the 48 full color images within the pages.

The Creation of an Art/Story book from conception to a self published book. Highlighting the artistic design, writing stories, computer applications, art images, layout for conversion to PDF, and a crowdfunding campaign to convert the book project to printed form. This episode focuses on the Frontmatter part of the Art book with the design work of the 1/2 title and full title page.

Please click on the Link below or at YouTube, search Craig L Haupt

The third in a series of designing an Artbook from conception to a printed 48 full color image/story book.

Upcoming Art Exhibit

I, along with several other wonderful artists, will have artwork displayed at the Katsea Gallery, Towson, MD ‘Opening of End of Year Exhibition’. This is one of several of my paintings that I have displayed. Opens Saturday October 17 at 10 a.m. and “The all day event will allow more folks to attend first day and enable the gallery to continue to follow safety protocols set out by the state”.

This painting is also one of 48 paintings that will be included in my ‘in progress’ second ArtStory book. The ‘creation of a self-published ArtStory’ book is featured on ‘YouTube Craig L Haupt’ currently. Episodes One and Two have been uploaded to my YouTube Channel.

“That one, Please!”, 11 x 14 inches, oil on canvas

Copyright: Craig L Haupt

Art Exhibits, A Sale

Sold! One of my artworks currently on display at Highlandtown Gallery. This is also one of 48 images that will be included in the ArtStory book I am in the process of creating and filming the progress as a YouTube series.

To visit and view the continuing series of video’s tracking the creation of an ArtStory book from its conception, designing, writing, self-publishing, to printed book form. Please use the Link below to watch these episodes.

“Sorry” 12 x 12 inch, oil on CanvasCopyright Craig L Haupt #art #gallery #sold #surreal #sphere

“24 Album Covers” Second Episode

Hello everyone,
I have uploaded ‘Episode Two’ to YouTube concerning the second ArtStory book I am in the process of creating and will also be offered through Kickstarter in 2021.
This series of video’s will show viewers how the book “24 Album Covers” was conceived and all the-in-progress steps involved from conception to layout, designs, writing, parts of a book, in progress paintings, the video filming and editing, the learning process of InDesign and Photoshop, the digital scanning, transfer to a PDF file, the printing of the book, and of course the building of the Kickstarter Crowdfunding campaign.
I hope to also film interviews with various persons directly involved with the workings on different facets of the book.
I will use these updates to keep you informed of the “24 Album Covers” ArtStory book episodes as they are filmed and posted to YouTube as well as the future Kickstarter campaign dates.
I hope that you take the 10 minutes of the video run-time to view and if you haven’t please subscribe to the my YouTube channel.
Thank you and be safe in these still stressful times

Border Art from “The Journey to Ukazoo” book #2b

Story Two: Image page Border Art (2b)

The Border art from 2019 “The Journey to Ukazoo” book. These Border art strips are at the bottom of each of the 37 stories and 37 art images contained in “The Journey to Ukazoo” book. Actual size of each of the 74 border strips is 2.5 x 8 inches.

This is from Slide Two, Image page: Ocracoke, North Carolina

Copyright: Craig L Haupt

Border Art from “The Journey to Ukazoo” book #1a

Story One: text page (1a)

On June 3rd, 2013, 7 years ago, I started the initial postings of “The Journey to Ukazoo” for the 2014 Ukazoo Solo art exhibit. For this anniversary I would like to post in order, the Border Artwork from the 2019 book. This will be best seen if you are using a computer and click on the image to see it as full size: 2.5 x 8 inches. One a day/ 4 per week M,T,W, & Th. This is Slide one, text page Leaving Baltimore
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“The Journey to Ukazoo” book signing

“The Journey to Ukazoo” book signing Sat. Jan. 18, 1 to 3pm at Highlandtown Gallery, Balto. MD.
If you are in the Baltimore, Maryland area please stop in to say hi and if you haven’t already purchase a copy of this unique and whimsical ArtStory book. A 9.5 x 12.5 inch 142 page book that contains 37 stories and over 150 full color images. There is a sample book to view at the Gallery. Shown is the book’s 33th image of the Journey.
Artwork, stories, design and published by yours truly.
“For You My Love, Flowers”
copyright Craig L Haupt