There’s this artist thing: Inktober. Posting a pen & ink drawing everyday during October. I’ll pass on the ‘every day’ thing but will do a few posts during October for the support of it.
‘Expecting’© Craig L Haupt, Pen & ink with a touch of watercolor

Art Stuff 76 – Maine and Lots of Museums

Art Stuff  76 – Maine and lots of art museums

First part of the Maine trip was 4 days of driving 900 miles to visit seven art museums. Then two more museums on the drive home. This Episode focuses on those museums and samples of some of the art I viewed. All in one 3 minute 46 second jam packed lots of miles, tolls, and days Maine trip!

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Art Show – Sold!

Sold! Yesterdays post about the current YouTube Video (Ep.75) was about the trip. Also part of the video is the Aug. art shows. There was the Highlandtown Sat. Pop-up shows and also I was part of the Overlea Arts Festival.

The video highlights the four painting that sold during those events, I posted one (Expiration Date Blues) Aug. 23. This is another.

Sold: ‘Tea for Two’© Craig L Haupt, oil on board, Thank you!

Craig L Haupt YouTube Ep. 75

Art Stuff Ep. 75

Art Stuff 75 – The Art Trip

Okay, I did lie, this is the ‘really, now I’m really ready’ last video before the ‘I’m getting the stuff to the van’ Trip video!

Final prep of artwork to play with in-between some of that tourist stuff.

And what happened with the 4-Saturday pop-up art shows.

All in one cliff hanger 5 minute video.

The Art Show – Sold!

Sold! One of my paintings displayed at Highlandtown Gallery! Met a marvelous couple from D.C. and even though I will miss this painting greatly, so glad it has found a home with them.

One more Saturday to go (27th) before I take a pause from exhibiting. That’s not to say a pause from doing that art, book, and video stuff!

Stop in this Sat. to say hi, would love to see your smile.

Highlandtown Gallery, Baltimore, MD, Saturday, Aug 27th, 1 to 4 pm

‘Post Expiration Date Blues’, 12 x 12 inches, oil on board

Art Stuff 74 – The Art Trip

Art Stuff  74 – The Art Trip

Getting ready for the Trip! That means art museums and artwork.

The video says this is the last one before ‘the art trip’ but I may have lied. There might be another Episode  (Ep 75) before I hit the road.

All in one mind blowing 2 minute 30 second video. Okay, maybe not mind blowing but a nice short video to say the least.

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Art Stuff 73 – Reviewing the Art show

Art Stuff 73 – The Art show & the trip
How did a canceled storm-related pop-up art show rescheduled for two Saturdays go!
Now what happens next with that art and the gallery?
What’s on tap for the next two Saturdays???
Continuing to prep art for the Sept. trip.
All in one 4 minute wild and woolly action packed video (well, not too wild and woolly)

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The Art Show

Don: Hear the good news?
Larry: No
Don: Craig’s artwork stays up at Highlandtown Gallery for two more Saturdays.
Larry: That’s Aug 20 and 27?
Don: yep, same time, 1 to 4
Larry: Cool, I missed the previous Saturdays, so I get another chance to see his artwork!
Larry again: Can I bring a friend?
Don: Of course, Craig is happy to see and meet everyone who stops by, even though he is a most serious of all world-wide-documented serious art people! Try and make him laugh, it’s tough!

The Pop-up Art Show

Bob: Did you hear the good news?

Martha: Yes!!! I did, Craig’s Pop-up show is back on and he will be there today (Sat. 6th) from 1 to 4 at Highlandtown Gallery, Baltimore, MD.

Bob: What about us?

Martha: That’s even better news, we are going to be featured in the show!

Bob: And who are we???

Martha: ‘Eye to Eye’, a 20 x 16 inch, oil on board!

Bob: Anything else?

Martha: Yes!!! Since it is such short notice and maybe you can’t make it, there will be a second chance, Craig will also be at Highlandtown Gallery Sat. Aug 13th from 1 to 4.

Bob: Cool!!!!

The Art Show – one of nine

Of the 4 images shown on the LED Billboard, one will be featured with nine other of my artworks this Aug 5, First Friday Pop-up show at Highlandtown Gallery, Baltimore, MD, 5 to 8pm. This is the scanned shot to show a clearer image of that painting.

‘The Nudge’© Craig L Haupt, 16 x 16 inch, oil on canvas

Thank you for all the wonderful responses and comments to yesterdays LED Billboard post, I deeply appreciate it.