The Art Show

Don: Hear the good news?
Larry: No
Don: Craig’s artwork stays up at Highlandtown Gallery for two more Saturdays.
Larry: That’s Aug 20 and 27?
Don: yep, same time, 1 to 4
Larry: Cool, I missed the previous Saturdays, so I get another chance to see his artwork!
Larry again: Can I bring a friend?
Don: Of course, Craig is happy to see and meet everyone who stops by, even though he is a most serious of all world-wide-documented serious art people! Try and make him laugh, it’s tough!

The Pop-up Art Show

Bob: Did you hear the good news?

Martha: Yes!!! I did, Craig’s Pop-up show is back on and he will be there today (Sat. 6th) from 1 to 4 at Highlandtown Gallery, Baltimore, MD.

Bob: What about us?

Martha: That’s even better news, we are going to be featured in the show!

Bob: And who are we???

Martha: ‘Eye to Eye’, a 20 x 16 inch, oil on board!

Bob: Anything else?

Martha: Yes!!! Since it is such short notice and maybe you can’t make it, there will be a second chance, Craig will also be at Highlandtown Gallery Sat. Aug 13th from 1 to 4.

Bob: Cool!!!!

The Art Show – one of nine

Of the 4 images shown on the LED Billboard, one will be featured with nine other of my artworks this Aug 5, First Friday Pop-up show at Highlandtown Gallery, Baltimore, MD, 5 to 8pm. This is the scanned shot to show a clearer image of that painting.

‘The Nudge’© Craig L Haupt, 16 x 16 inch, oil on canvas

Thank you for all the wonderful responses and comments to yesterdays LED Billboard post, I deeply appreciate it.

Up in Lights!

The Nudge

Four of my paintings are on the big LED Billboard on Charles Street across from Penn Station, Baltimore! (Aug 2nd – 8th)

The Led lights are creating that waving effect in the images.

All but one of these paintings are in private collections – the first/top one ‘The Nudge’ will be one of the nine featured this Aug 5, First Friday Pop-up show at @highlandtown_gallery, Baltimore, MD, 5 to 8pm.

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But the Map Says……
A Walk in the Park
Tidying Up

The Pop-up Art Show-Art stuff

Here goes folks, coming down the home stretch! Of the nine featured paintings for this Friday’s Pop-up show, two are pen & ink/watercolors. This is one. An upgraded remake from a 25 year ago color pencil drawing.

‘Three Flowers’© Craig L Haupt

All nine for the upcoming August 5, Pop-up Art show.

Aug 5, First Friday Pop-up show at Highlandtown Gallery, Baltimore, MD, 5 to 8pm.

Art Stuff 71 – Packing for the Art Show

Packing for the Art Show and then there’s the hammer!

Art done, easels selected, display layout, backup tooling/materials anticipated and all being packed.

All for the upcoming August 5, Pop-up Art show.

Aug 5, First Friday Pop-up show at Highlandtown Gallery, 5 to 8pm.

All in one 3 minute action packed video

The Pop-up Art Show

There will be 9 paintings of mine featured for the Aug 5, First Friday Pop-up show at @highlandtown_gallery.

There are also an additional 5 paintings currently on display aside from the upcoming 9 featured Pop-up show images.

This is one of those five:
‘Green Tongue’© Craig L Haupt, oil on board

Highlandtown Gallery, 248 S Conkling St, Baltimore, MD, 5 to 8 p.m.
Hope to see your lovely faces there if you are in the area!
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The Pop-up Art Show-Photos

Part of the art show prep work was replying to a request from @highlandtown_gallery to submit photo images of each art work depicting them with frames along with Bio text for each.
All to be seen at the upcoming Aug 5, First Friday Pop-up show at Highlandtown Gallery.
This scene is part of the current YouTube video Ep 70 and photo credit goes to my dear sweet favorite youngest sister Susan, thank you!
YouTube: Craig L Haupt

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Whoa! I got printed!

An Instagram account I follow is a Contemporary Art magazine called the Huts Magazien. They have calls for artists to be featured in their latest print issue.

I submitted and was accepted for current Issue #5. This is the cover (partial) and the two page spread I am on that features 4 of my artworks/text.

Only mistake, they have my name as ’Haupt Craig’ rather than Craig Haupt but at least all the Links with my name are correct. lol, oh, the price of fame!!! lol

Highlighted here is one of the four artworks: ‘Karen’s Seashell’, 24 x 30 inches, oil on canvas (in private collection)
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