Giclee Prints to the gallery

First part of the Art Stuff 89 video is about seven prints ordered to sign and take to Katsea Gallery. They are to join others in the print bin in my art display area. Three are of my pen & ink/watercolor images and four of my oil paintings.

This is one from the oil paintings: ‘Sorry’ ©Craig L Haupt, Giclée print size 10 x 10 inches, original in private collection.

Art Stuff 89 YouTube video Link:

Art Stuff 89 – Prints and Framing

Good morning everyone!

This five minute Art Stuff 89 video takes a look at prepping art prints for the gallery.

Then opening the box from last episode to get to the frames and matts.

Wouldn’t be right if I didn’t at least show you the process for framing one artwork destined for the November 2nd, 2023, Solo Art Exhibit, now would it.

So I did!! 

Next Episode: some more framing and that would be a metal frame plus an update on Hauptcee Haupt’s oil paintings.

Buying artwork from a young artist

I attended the Overlea ArtsFest Youth Art Show yesterday evening and loved seeing all the wonderful art creations by a variety of youngsters from around the area!

Viewing the 6 to 10 year olds works, it turned out I bought the second artwork I saw!

A smile instantly came to my face with the injection of whimsical embellishments this young man had included in his drawing.

In a way it reminded me of some of the drawings I did when I was that age.

Later by the chance of overhearing his question to his mom about what the red dot met I volunteered the answer that it had sold. I asked if he had any artwork in the show and he said that that one was his and I got to tell him it was now mine, I bought it. The ensuing discussion with him and his mom made my day.

Title of the artwork is ‘Abandoned Backyard’ ©Trevor, Pen, Pencil, Color pencil

Finding art work!

In the Art Stuff 88 YouTube video I highlight seven never-seen Pen & Ink drawings that have been scanned and destined for the Nov. 2nd art show at Katsea Gallery.

Next Episode: the framing of 5 of these images.

One of those five: ‘A Dance’ ©Craig L Haupt, 7 x 5 inches, Watercolor/Pen & ink

Link to Art Stuff 88 YouTube video:

Art Stuff 88-The Portfolio Books: Looking for some Art Stuff

Art Stuff 88-The Portfolio Books: Looking for some Art Stuff

This four minute Art Stuff 88 video takes a look at searching my portfolio books to review any long ago unseen art works that could find their way to the display area walls of Katsea Gallery for the upcoming November 2, 2023 Art Exhibit.

Shown are several that were selected and have been digitally scanned for social media postings.

Next Episode: the ordering of frames and framing of 5 of these images.

The Art show layout

In the Art Stuff 87 YouTube video I take the worksheet gallery wall layout and redraw it to scale.

In the video I show an example of measuring out one painting, the first besides Hauptcee’s, destined for Nov. 2nd art show at katsea gallery.

With the scaled sized paper cutout of this painting I can now figure out which wall it will hang on as with the others I start selecting for the show.

That first painting: ‘Red Sphere’©Craig L Haupt, 8 x 10 inches, oil on canvas

Please, a little respect from a visual!

Talk about getting squeezed out of the picture to accommodate a visual. Man! the life of an artist.

Anyway, this is the worksheet of measurements I took of the Katsea gallery wall space as seen in the YouTube video 87.

Also in the video is the scaled working layout I created to figure out the art to be displayed for Hauptcee’s (and my) November 2nd solo exhibit.

Art Stuff 87 – The gallery measurements!

This 4 minute Art Stuff 87 video takes a trip up to katsea gallery to measure the available wall space for the upcoming November 2024 Art Exhibit.

Also included is the return trip to the studio to work up the a blocked out layout board of the walls for the selection & figuring out the placement of various artworks, including Hauptcee’s paintings, to be shown in the above mentioned art exhibit.

Well, it’s not all about art!

Well!!! It’s not making art, all day, every day folks.

The index card with my list of things to do included ironing shirts.

With starting on the stack, at least I had made some cookies to help me along!

Then, yea!, next on the list is, do some of that art stuff!!

Hauptcee Haupt – progress on Painting #4

Included in the Art Stuff 86 video, progress of Hauptcee’s painting’s 4, 5, & 6.

Shown is painting #4, the doodles (4), worksheet, and the painting in progress (some first coats and second coat of orange background). Also discussed, changes to be made to the hands/arms.

Much more to go on this painting until completion.

Art Stuff 86 YouTube video Link