Journey to Ukazoo-Slide Three

Bird Bath

Slide Three: “Birdbath”

On my way to Ukazoo I have stopped in Savannah, GA, home of the musically renown Savannah’s World-Famous Crabettes, that include the talents of one member who plays a mean slide whistle and trombone kazoo.

While wandering the neighborhoods I came upon the front yard of a stately residence that was host to the LXIV National Bird Olympics. I took this picture of the Free Style diving event that was in progress. After having watched a few dives, I felt that on this particular dive, I disagreed with the judges, and in my opinion was at least a 9.5. After a few short but very informative lessons from some fine feathered bystanders about “Beak Angle” “Wing Tilt” “Tail Feather Spread” and the all important “Branch Bounce Vibration”, I realized I lacked the required Birds Eye view needed to offer a truly educated opinion. I stayed a while longer and witnessed some fabulous dives but after watching all the diving activity I became a little famished and all they had for sale at the local booths were no less then 22 different varieties of seed. Nothing against seed, mind you, but I left to find something a little more substantial.

Tomorrow morning I head for the Gulf Coast.

Art notes:

All images and text are copyright Craig L Haupt

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