Journey to Ukazoo-Slide Five

Walking to Rachel, Tennessee

Journey to Ukazoo

Slide Five: “Walking to Rachel, Tennessee”

 According to the local radio station K-N-O-W, it’s supposed to be a sunny day, but by my outside observation at a roadside rest stop in Tullahoma, Tennessee, I know, just know, there ain’t going to be no sunshine today.

I took a picture of this gentleman, named Bob, who was walking to Rachel, Tennessee, mainly because his slow and deliberate gait projected a man focused on a singular mission and yet at the same time as a man with a lot on his mind.

I know from what I was able to visually decipher,

I know, he was concerned about a little boy who lost his favorite balloon.

I know he was glad of his decision to allow a young couple to pick flowers from his garden.

I know that if he had stayed home he might have watched the movie “Alligators from Space II”.

I also know that beyond all those thoughts,

I know,

I really know, that foremost on his mind, is where, in Rachel, Tennessee, can he find a place that does Karaoke.

I will be staying overnight in the house of some people I have met and as wonderful as they have been and as wonderful a house that they have, I know it’s just not the same as home.

Well, it’s been four weeks and a touch of homesickness must have crept in but I have a long way to go till I get to Ukazoo and I know thoughts of home will have to be put aside for now. 

Art notes:

All images and text are copyright Craig L Haupt

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