Journey to Ukazoo-Slide 29


Journey to Ukazoo

Slide 29: “Reflection”

Continuing my Journey to Ukazoo, I stayed in New York and made my way to a remote area near Saranac Lake in the Adirondack Park.

Usually a Bed & Breakfast is called a Bed & Breakfast but the one I found was Unity’s “Soft Comfort to Heavenly Dreams” & “Taste Bud Sensations”. Primarily known as a Self-awareness and natural foods retreat, the Inn’s decor was an array of candles, incense, beaded curtains, and lining the walls, artwork depicting every known deity. Within the context of the inn’s name I was greeted by the lady of the house and resident sculpture artist, “Morning Dove Among the Clouds”, and later at the ’community’ dinner I met Morning’s husband, “Marble Hitting the Forest Floor”. Marble, not only the inn’s chef, but spiritual guide to several of the meditation and yoga classes, informed me, everyone just calls him “Butch”.

While not engaging in the many classes and seminars offered, I found the quiet environment and extremely interesting hosts augmented my creative process and I accomplished more artwork than anticipated. Possibly the only low point during my stay came at the weekly evening campfire and Butch’s new recipe for s’mores . Tofu cubes, heated over a fire, topped with carob squares, and placed between two yam-crackers. After I tried the first one, I politely refused a second by a “Thank you, but n’mores”.

Towards the end of the week, busy checking in new arrivals, Morning asked if I would wander up to the Reflection pond and remind Butch it was time to start dinner preparations. Entering a beautiful topiary/sculpture garden I saw Butch, deep in thought, staring into a rectangle shaped pool of crystal clear water . Not wanting to interrupt, I sat opposite the pool and quietly waited.

After a half an hour and still no movement from Butch, I got out the camera and took this picture. Maybe it the click of the shutter, the chirp of a nearby bird, or a slight wind enhanced ripple in the water, but Butch suddenly looked up, a little startled but seemingly delighted by my presence. Sensing an opportunity for a fresh insightful opinion, he recounted a perplexing problem that was weighting heavily on his mind. After picking a flower for Morning, he inadvertently knocked a spherical limb off Morning’s newly created grouping of sculptures. “I’ve tried fixing it to no avail and then, resorted to pondering excuses and stories of how it happened-a strong wind, a lightning bolt, a rogue alligator swishing his tail. I don’t know what to do and have been here for hours trying to resolve my dilemma”.

“Any suggestions?”

The Truth, you’re always talking about seeking the truth, well, tell her the truth, was my suggestion.

Back at the inn, holding out the broken piece with a downward gaze, he told her, and his head lifted when she related she was well aware of the potential problem. She was working on a doweling system and would rework all the spherical limbs. She was glad Butch had let her know. Even gave him a big kiss on the cheek.

Butch turned and silently mouthed a thank you in my direction.

Speaking of truth, I then mentioned to Butch my thoughts on his s’mores. I like yams and I don’t mind tofu in certain dishes and I loved all the meals you prepared but I think your recipe for s’mores should be reconsidered.  He laughed, and told me he had received quite a few anonymous notes in the suggestion box echoing my sentiments and later today he would be placing an order for marshmallows, chocolate bars, and graham crackers.

Art notes:

All images and text are copyright Craig L Haupt

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New arrivals to the “Journey” please see Slide One for a brief synopsis.

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