“The Great Big Art Show, No. 3”


“Ladybug Necklace/Butterfly Bowtie”: Pen & Ink, Watercolor

Another post that highlights one of four (initially Three) images, entitled “Ladybug Necklace/Butterfly Bowtie”, I will have displayed at ‘HIVE artspace’, “The Great Big Bug Show No. 3” June Group Exhibit. This a photograph of the Framed drawing and not a digital scan so please pardon the quality of the image.

HIVE artspace

126 E. King Street

York, PA 17401

Exhibit dates: June 5 to 27, 2015

Opening reception is June 5th, 6 to 9 p.m.

Art notes:

All images are copyright Craig L Haupt

FaceBook: Craig L Haupt

WordPress Blog: http://www.craiglhaupt.com

LinkedIn: Craig L Haupt


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