12 + 12, 12 x 12’s-“Please, Fetch!!”, The Doodle


Project: 12 + 12, 12 x 12’s #8 by Craig L Haupt

Title-“Please Fetch!!”  First sequenced post.


Posted is ‘The Doodle’, from April 2013. As with several other ‘Doodles’ selected for this project, they are ones I have repeatedly glanced at over the years to see if I could develop them into a finished work of art.

Circle #1 is the ‘doodle’ that began the thought process for this painting. To this day, I am still perplexed as to what I was trying to do with the ’tail’ of the dog. Besides the ‘tail’ I was as least interested in the shapes enough that I extended this ‘doodle’ in Circle #2.

Circle #2- As much as I wanted to develop this on a worksheet I was put on hold by my uncertainty of placement of certain pedestals as well as a ‘narrative’.

Adding “Please Fetch!!” to this project spurred me to create a solution, to be shown on next Monday’s ‘Worksheet’ post.


The project will be posted in the following sequence, 1st Monday-the sketch/doodle or related source from whence the painting has originated.

The second Monday-the 12”x12” pencil worksheet showing the intended painting.

The third Monday-a progress post of the painting.

The fourth Monday-the finished painting.

Then repeat.


Art notes:

All images are copyright Craig L Haupt


2 thoughts on “12 + 12, 12 x 12’s-“Please, Fetch!!”, The Doodle

    • Thanks Sherry, noted in this week’s post of the worksheet, I did keep those items shown on the pedestals. I just needed to consider adding some additional ones.

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