Designing an Artbook, Episode 8

Episode 8: Start Painting #2 of 5

How to Design an Art Book, Ep 8 – Start Painting #2 of 5

Beginning the 2nd of 5 new paintings to be included with the 48 paintings designated for the in-progress creation of an ArtStory book. This episode focuses on the start of the painting “Jukebox Lady”. Featuring the origins and a demonstration of applying the initial underpainting to the 10 x 8 inch oil painting on canvas.

This second of these five new paintings are for use in the Album and Intermission design section pages.

Overall view of the “24 Album Cover” book Episode series project is Highlighting the artistic design, writing stories, creating art images, computer applications including InDesign & Photoshop, layout for conversion to PDF, and a crowdfunding campaign to convert the self-published ArtStory project to printed form.

The ArtStory book will feature 48 full color images, 77 supporting images (of which include these 5), and 24 short story/vignettes within a 9.5 x 9.5, 100 plus page self-published book.

The Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign to fund the digital scanning and printing costs will afford the viewing audience the opportunity to have their name included within the text of the 24 short story/vignettes and in the Acknowledgement section of the ArtStory book as well as own the book itself.

A Disclaimer: While the book will be available to the U.S., Canada and several other countries when printed, there may be restrictions of where the book may be distributed to other locales around the world due to postage and shipping issues. This will be addressed in the Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign.

Musical guest for Episode 8 ‘Credits’ background music:

Bob Williams ‘Go Figure’©

Musical guests for recent past Episodes:

Episode 7: Bob and Judy Williams w/guest, Venetia Butler on flute ‘Tideline’©

Episode 6: Vanessa Peters (BMI) ‘Just Down’©

Episode 5: Sébastien Brunet ‘Monster Loves You’©

Designing an Artbook, Episode 6

The Creation of an Art/Story book from conception to a self published artbook. This episode focuses on the beginning of one of five paintings for use in the Album and Intermission designs. Included is a review of the sketch, worksheet and transfer to canvas. Demonstration of applying underpainting with oil paints. Overall view of the “24 Album Cover” book Episode series project is Highlighting the artistic design, writing stories, art images, computer applications, layout for conversion to PDF, and a crowdfunding campaign to convert the self-published book project to printed form. YouTube video: Published: 11-16-20 Links: Website: All musical guests for ‘end-of-episode Credits’ have given permission to use their contributed music for this “24 Album Cover” ArtStory project.

Musical guest for Episode 6 Credits background music:

Vanessa Peters (BMI), “Just Down”©


Musical guests past Episodes:

Episode 5 Sébastien Brunet, “Monster Loves You”©

Episode 4 Geoffrey Welchman, “Bass Fiddlesticks”©

Designing an Artbook, Episode 5

Episode features the Design work for Album Section page and Demonstration of transfer of Worksheet image to Canvas

Now playing on YouTube, Episode 5 of my series of ‘Designing an Artbook’. A 10 minute Episode introducing the ‘Body’ of my second ArtStory book. The Episode highlights the Design work for the ‘Album Section’ page and the five 8 x 10 oil paintings that will be inserted into the ‘Album and Intermission’ section designs.

The Episode will conclude with a demonstration of transferring of one of the worksheets from the five projected paintings to canvas.

Guest musician for closing credits:

Sébastien Brunet Music

Please view, subscribe to help make this a successful YouTube video art project and subsequently the successful self-publishing of the “24 Album Covers” art book. This art/story book will be a 9.5 x 9.5, 100 page book with 48 full color images and 24 short stories.

Upcoming Art Exhibit

I, along with several other wonderful artists, will have artwork displayed at the Katsea Gallery, Towson, MD ‘Opening of End of Year Exhibition’. This is one of several of my paintings that I have displayed. Opens Saturday October 17 at 10 a.m. and “The all day event will allow more folks to attend first day and enable the gallery to continue to follow safety protocols set out by the state”.

This painting is also one of 48 paintings that will be included in my ‘in progress’ second ArtStory book. The ‘creation of a self-published ArtStory’ book is featured on ‘YouTube Craig L Haupt’ currently. Episodes One and Two have been uploaded to my YouTube Channel.

“That one, Please!”, 11 x 14 inches, oil on canvas

Copyright: Craig L Haupt

Art Exhibits, A Sale

Sold! One of my artworks currently on display at Highlandtown Gallery. This is also one of 48 images that will be included in the ArtStory book I am in the process of creating and filming the progress as a YouTube series.

To visit and view the continuing series of video’s tracking the creation of an ArtStory book from its conception, designing, writing, self-publishing, to printed book form. Please use the Link below to watch these episodes.

“Sorry” 12 x 12 inch, oil on CanvasCopyright Craig L Haupt #art #gallery #sold #surreal #sphere

The Second ArtStory Book in the Making-2

Over the past several months I have been researching the concept and possibility of a second ArtStory book. It has now entered the stage where it has become a viable project. As part of the promotional aspects I am creating a series of YouTube videos to let viewers see the process of creating my second ArtStory book, “24 Album Covers”.

I uploaded the first video yesterday, “Episode One, Second Book Beginnings”.

The video project will highlight the progress of creating a self-published ArtStory book from beginnings to launching a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to working with the printer for publication.  At YouTube just type in Craig L Haupt.

The first few video’s will be uploaded about three weeks apart while I work with the learning curve of writing scripts, filming, relaxing in front of the camera, lighting, and film editing process besides working on the book text and design itself. With time and experience I hope to figure out a one or two week posting schedule as I solidify a second Kickstarter campaign during the spring of 2021.

They do not list the names of subscribers or viewers so there is a sense of confidentially. Only comments would give any recognition.

Below is the YouTube link if you would prefer to copy and paste to the YouTube search box.



Thank you,



Border Art from “The Journey to Ukazoo” book #2

The 37 stories in “The Journey to Ukazoo” book consisted of the story to the left page and paired image on the right page. Below each page was a 2.5 x 8 inch border art.

The previous two posts highlighted the border art for Story 2.

This post highlights the image used for Story (Slide) 2

“At the Beach”

Oil on board

Copyright: Craig L Haupt

“The Journey to Ukazoo” book is still available at U.S. and Canada mailings only.

Art exhibit Event

“First Friday Art Walk” event at Highlandtown Gallery, Baltimore, MD, Feb 7, 5 to 9pm. I will be displaying eight pieces of artwork. Please take the time to stop in to see my art along with a host of other wonderful works by other artists.
“The Journey to Ukazoo” book will also be available.
Shown is one of the my eight: “Back to Back”, oil on canvas
Copyright: Craig L Haupt

“The Journey to Ukazoo” book signing

“The Journey to Ukazoo” book signing Sat. Jan. 18, 1 to 3pm at Highlandtown Gallery, Balto. MD.
Please stop in, at the very least, to say hi. Shown is the book’s second image of the Journey. This unique and whimsical ArtStory book contains over 150 full color images.

Artwork, written, designed and published by yours truly.
“At the Beach’ Out” copyright Craig L Haupt