‘At the Wall’-Instagram Post

As I post past works to newly joined Instagram, I will share these works with current and new followers of my Blog.

‘From today’s Post to Instagram’
‘At the Wall’
Watercolor, pen & ink

Copyright, Craig L Haupt



12 + 12, 12 x 12’s-‘Contemplating Flight’, The Finished Painting #19

Project: 12 + 12, 12 x 12’s  #19

Title-’Contemplating Flight’

Third sequenced post, ‘The Finished Painting’.


As mentioned in the ‘Worksheet’ text last Monday, there was a fair amount of work to creating the layout. The painting posed similar issues, particularly the expanding shapes to the right side. The first attempt was not pleasing and was repainted, the posted worksheet reflected that second design attempt. Still not satisfied, several sections (closer to the upper and lower box) were repainted twice more till I found a configuration/placement I could live with. This painting also became a transitional piece in this project that effected the next four 12 + 12 paintings. More on that next Monday.


Next Monday, the start of the next Painting in the ‘12 + 12 Project’.

Image copyright Craig L Haupt


12 + 12, 12 x 12’s-‘Contemplating Flight’, The Worksheet #19

Project: 12 + 12, 12 x 12’s  #19

Title-’Contemplating Flight’

Second sequenced post, ‘The Worksheet’.


Besides the first attempt to work a complete painting with just the Birds on the leaves, I made several succeeding attempts combining the two selected ’Doodles’ from Deborah. I opted for developing this ’Worksheet’ layout. A very different layout configuration than I have done before, but I had to take in consideration that this was part of the creative equation of this project anyhow.  We’ll see how this works as a painting.

For those new viewers to this 12 + 12, 12 x 12’s project, a short synopsis. 24 paintings total, all 12” x 12”s. Twelve of the 24 paintings are developed from ’Doodles’ selected by yours truly from my sketchbooks. The +12 portion of the project, is that I handed out my sketchbooks to 12 friends/artists I choose and they in turn selected a few ’Doodles’ that I had to develop a finished painting from.

Next Monday the ‘Finished painting’

Image copyright Craig L Haupt


“The House That Jack Built”-Week 22

Curved Arms

“The House That Jack Built”

Week 22-Intermission


The new computer has had a few issues and they chose to occur on last weeks day of Posting. While not an unsurmountable problem, I was cut off from the internet last Monday and Tuesday till it was finally resolved.


As I work with detail in the third corner area of the painting “The House That Jack Built” I am posting a past Art image as an “Intermission”.


For this intermission, the above Color Pencil/Watercolor drawing is entitled “Curved Arms”. Still unframed and resting in the portfolio, this very simple line drawing was completed in July, 2006.


The continuing posting schedule for the project is, as laid out:

Today, Monday, November 24; “Intermission”.

Monday, December 1 and following Monday’s; Post continuing progress images of “The House That Jack Built” painting.


Art notes:

All images and text are copyright Craig L Haupt

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Journey to Ukazoo-Slide 25

The Cap

Journey to Ukazoo

Slide 25: “The Cap”

Reaching a crossroads, after leaving Minnesota on my journey to Ukazoo, where the plan was to turn North, I took a second to consider an opportunity to visit Chicago. A “second” was all that was needed, turning South, I made my way to the “Windy City”.

Spending this past week taking in Galleries, Museums, some live music and a play, I concluded my visit by joining several guests from the B&B and went to a poetry recital. The evening’s featured author was a tall slender woman named Mya, whose melodious voice, recounting family, life’s affirmations, and recent personal triumphs, flowed throughout the dimly lit room like a gentle insightful song.

Prior to her final poem, Mya paused to reflect on the warmness she felt tonight with returning to her hometown after 17 years. As such, she found it appropriate to close with a touch of levity, by reciting a poem she wrote, then as a teenager, just weeks before leaving Chicago.

I took this photo just as she softly announced the title, “Wind O Wind”, then put the camera down and listened with a smile to the following poem.

Wind O Wind, you came through the bedroom window.

You blew so hard, blew so strong,

You blew so unbelievably long.

With a gust, off went my cap covering my hairs,

You sent it sailing down a flight of stairs.

I chased it down the hallway and into rooms

While I tried to swat it down waving a broom.

I ran after it frantically for what seemed like hours,

Past chairs, lamps, and tables holding vases of flowers.

You sent it through the kitchen, barely missing a pie,

Out an open window and high into the sky.

Nearly missing Ravens, Flinches, and a Purple Martin,

Downward it turned heading into the garden.

In between potatoes, tomatoes, corn, and beets,

Along bricked pathways, sidewalks and streets.

You made my cap twist around buildings, and a very tall steeple,

Then it descended, just above hands of helpful people.

Tenuously sending it across a quiet road,

You paused for a breath, and it landed on a toad.

As I closed in to make a lunge for my cap,

I felt an intake of air rush down my back.

Your breath started up again, stronger then ever,

You quickly decided to be very clever.

Up again it went, out of my reach,

Outwards past a crowded, sandy beach.

You made it flip,dip, and drop towards the sea

‘Stop, stop, don’t let it get wet” was my desperate plea.

At that moment, a hesitation, I didn’t foresee,

either by my words, or maybe you tried of playing with me.

You sent it back up, into the sky instead

and gently lowered it down, onto my head.

During the closing reception, I purchased one of the few remaining copies of her first, and now out of print, book, “Mya’s Poems for a Smile” which she graciously signed. This morning, now packed and ready to “for sure” head North, I can detect the whispering of  Mya’s Poems ready to accompany me on my journey to Ukazoo. Hope to meet her again someday.

Art notes:

All images and text are copyright Craig L Haupt

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New arrivals to the “Journey” please see Slide One for a brief synopsis .

Journey to Ukazoo-Slide 24

Pipe & Peel

Journey to Ukazoo

Slide 24: “Pipe & Peel”


Starting with the first evening’s stay at a Bed & Breakfast in Pipestone, Minnesota, myself and the other guests, when sitting outside, were treated to the faint sounds of hammering, sawing and the back and forth banter of four teenagers next door.

Tim and Tina, the next door neighbors and close friends of the innkeepers, whose house the sounds were originating from, stopped in yesterday for an during-breakfast coffee. Tim explained, it was his son, Tommy and his friends, Harry, David, and Virginia, who had been busy all week, working to put on a little neighborhood talent show in their backyard tomorrow and we, to our pleasant surprise, were all invited.

On Sunday, with a clear warm day in the making, we walked over for the show.

Harry, supplied the announcements and back up music/drum rolls with his one-guy bottle band.

Virginia, Tommy’s girlfriend and first act, performed some splendid magic tricks. Next was David, who did a juggling act using his mom’s spare set of dishes, of which he didn’t break a single dish. Okay, okay, they were plastic and he did drop two, but nonetheless he was still very impressive.

For the finale, Tommy, sporting a set of rollerblades, began his performance with several freestyle inline skating tricks. Next, he switched from a 72mm wheel he used for freestyle to a flatter surface 54mm wheel, modified, by him and his dad, with a slight indentation in each edge to barely shoulder a series of different diameter pipes. With the pipes set about 3 inches off the ground, he skated across each one effortlessly to rounds of applause.

During a 5 minute “set-up” intermission, Harry played a rather catchy rendition of the “Who’s” ”Tommy” on the bottles while David and Virginia raised the smallest diameter pipe up into the slots of two slender weighted down wood boxes placed off to the sides of the yard. The pipe was now four feet above the ground.

Then as Harry started a drum roll on the bottles, Tommy climbed a step ladder to the elevated pipe. Quiet spread across the yard and at Harry’s last bottle tap, Tommy started across the stationary 10’ length of pipe.

He did it!

Without hesitating at the applause, Tommy turned to face the opposite direction while David quickly walked over to drape a banana peel towards the far end of the pipe.

If we thought it was quiet before, this ensuing silence was unnerving. His parents, with teetering confidence at never seeing him attempt anything like this, clenched the arms of their chairs.

The drum roll started again and as before, at the last tap from Harry, Tommy started to skate across the pipe. As he approached the banana peel, all sense of time and place was reduced to slow motion. His balance impeccable, his eyes focused, calculating the distance and exact moment to slightly bend the knee to gain just enough push and lift.

I took this picture as he was within several inches of the peel. In the next extended second, with the sudden intake of the crowds collected breath, he elevated, only a few inches, but enough to clear the raised end of the peel. Once over, he touched down onto the pipe with a graceful elegance that brought everyone to their feet cheering.

Once on the ground and the congratulations to Tommy and his friends tapering off, he eased over to the food and drinks and there awaiting him was the banana, minus its skin, ready to be sliced and added to three scoops of ice cream for his favorite treat, a banana split.


Art notes:

All images and text are copyright Craig L Haupt

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