Border Art from “The Journey to Ukazoo” book #2

The 37 stories in “The Journey to Ukazoo” book consisted of the story to the left page and paired image on the right page. Below each page was a 2.5 x 8 inch border art.

The previous two posts highlighted the border art for Story 2.

This post highlights the image used for Story (Slide) 2

“At the Beach”

Oil on board

Copyright: Craig L Haupt

“The Journey to Ukazoo” book is still available at U.S. and Canada mailings only.

4 thoughts on “Border Art from “The Journey to Ukazoo” book #2

  1. Hi Craig, I want to go to the beach with Sherman! But I’m not crazy about swimming in cold water either.

    Enjoy your trip to Maine. I hear the lobster is plentiful and reasonable, and independent ice cream places are every where. Sounds like a delicious place to be. Deborah


  2. Deborah, lol, I will be dealing with some cold water up there, a wonderful lake fed pond out the back door. As for the Ice cream, yes, there is a fabulous made-on-the-premises ice cream place 2 miles up the road. There will be repeated visits!! Be safe!

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