The Second ArtStory Book, Episode One

I posted an image and text concerning the creation and posting of a ‘Link’ to my first YouTube episode on Sept. 3, 2020.

I have upgraded my WordPress plan so that I am now able to post ‘video’s’. Given the upgrade I would like to post that First Episode here on WordPress. That way when I do post the next episodes they will be in sequence and correspond with the YouTube channel postings.

I also noticed that with the upgraded WordPress plan that the ‘Link’ I posted Sept. 3, 2020 now plays the video as well as making any other adjustments that are included in the upgrade.

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“The Journey to Ukazoo” book

A Monday evening tidbit. “The Journey to Ukazoo” book has now found its home in 19 different States and two Canadian Provinces. As I wind down the mailings and hand deliveries for the Kickstarter portion I have still received additional orders from friends and followers of my art. I thank everyone that helped make publishing this book possible.
“The Cap” Story/Slide 25 of the 37
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Ukazoo: A Trademark of Ukazoo Bookstore and used with permission.
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The Journey to Ukazoo’ Book project on Kickstarter-“Spaceburger”

If you ever wanted to be in a Story, in a scene of whimsical art, or just the acknowledgement section in a publication, this is your chance. ‘The Journey to Ukazoo’ Kickstarter ArtStory book project ends tomorrow (Wed April 3 at 3:00pm).

My thanks to some of the supporters of this unique ArtStory book: Debbie Z, Anne T. Heather R. Highlandtown Gallery

You have secured your place in this whimsical publication.

Kickstarter Link on Website:  Craig L Haupt

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Ukazoo: A Trademark of Ukazoo Bookstore and used with permission.