“24 Album Covers” Second Episode

Hello everyone,
I have uploaded ‘Episode Two’ to YouTube concerning the second ArtStory book I am in the process of creating and will also be offered through Kickstarter in 2021.
This series of video’s will show viewers how the book “24 Album Covers” was conceived and all the-in-progress steps involved from conception to layout, designs, writing, parts of a book, in progress paintings, the video filming and editing, the learning process of InDesign and Photoshop, the digital scanning, transfer to a PDF file, the printing of the book, and of course the building of the Kickstarter Crowdfunding campaign.
I hope to also film interviews with various persons directly involved with the workings on different facets of the book.
I will use these updates to keep you informed of the “24 Album Covers” ArtStory book episodes as they are filmed and posted to YouTube as well as the future Kickstarter campaign dates.
I hope that you take the 10 minutes of the video run-time to view and if you haven’t please subscribe to the my YouTube channel.
Thank you and be safe in these still stressful times

The Second ArtStory Book in the Making-2

Over the past several months I have been researching the concept and possibility of a second ArtStory book. It has now entered the stage where it has become a viable project. As part of the promotional aspects I am creating a series of YouTube videos to let viewers see the process of creating my second ArtStory book, “24 Album Covers”.

I uploaded the first video yesterday, “Episode One, Second Book Beginnings”.

The video project will highlight the progress of creating a self-published ArtStory book from beginnings to launching a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to working with the printer for publication.  At YouTube just type in Craig L Haupt.

The first few video’s will be uploaded about three weeks apart while I work with the learning curve of writing scripts, filming, relaxing in front of the camera, lighting, and film editing process besides working on the book text and design itself. With time and experience I hope to figure out a one or two week posting schedule as I solidify a second Kickstarter campaign during the spring of 2021.

They do not list the names of subscribers or viewers so there is a sense of confidentially. Only comments would give any recognition.

Below is the YouTube link if you would prefer to copy and paste to the YouTube search box.



Thank you,