Upcoming Art Exhibit

I, along with several other wonderful artists, will have artwork displayed at the Katsea Gallery, Towson, MD ‘Opening of End of Year Exhibition’. This is one of several of my paintings that I have displayed. Opens Saturday October 17 at 10 a.m. and “The all day event will allow more folks to attend first day and enable the gallery to continue to follow safety protocols set out by the state”.

This painting is also one of 48 paintings that will be included in my ‘in progress’ second ArtStory book. The ‘creation of a self-published ArtStory’ book is featured on ‘YouTube Craig L Haupt’ currently. Episodes One and Two have been uploaded to my YouTube Channel.

“That one, Please!”, 11 x 14 inches, oil on canvas

Copyright: Craig L Haupt

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Art Exhibit

  1. Hi Sherry! Thank you, it’s a new one so to speak, completed during the first days of the covid stuff. Don’t know how far down you read the text but if you want, I am posting the progress of creating a second art/story book as a video series on YouTube. Have done two episodes so far. If you go to YouTube and type in Craig L Haupt that will take you to my channel and Ep. I and 2 are there for viewing. Thanks again for all your comments and support!

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