“24 Album Covers” 3rd Episode

ok folks, the 3rd episode of Creating an ArtStory book is now available on YouTube. This episode looks at the design work for the half title and title page of my ‘to be’ self-published “24 Album Covers” book plus an example of one of the 48 full color images within the pages.

The Creation of an Art/Story book from conception to a self published book. Highlighting the artistic design, writing stories, computer applications, art images, layout for conversion to PDF, and a crowdfunding campaign to convert the book project to printed form. This episode focuses on the Frontmatter part of the Art book with the design work of the 1/2 title and full title page.

Please click on the Link below or at YouTube, search Craig L Haupt

The third in a series of designing an Artbook from conception to a printed 48 full color image/story book.

2 thoughts on ““24 Album Covers” 3rd Episode

  1. Hi Craig, I can see artists, writers, and teachers viewing and showing your videos to students to learn about the process of creating a book, and to teach their students about creating their own book. I don’t think I ever thought about how many parts and steps it was.

    Thanks for taking us on another journey! Deborah


  2. Yes, filming the video puts all the parts in perspective of how involved this book making project can be. Besides the book, I still have to learn the filming and film editing process and once the book evolves I still have to download and learn InDesign and Photoshop. Then working the outline for another Kickstarter campaign. Feels like I’m taking a 15 credit college semester at times. Thanks for commenting. If you have any questions about the book and or filming leave a question on the YouTube video and I can then answer it in a future video.

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