Art Exhibits, A Sale

Marble Hitting the Forest Floor

Sold! One of my paintings on display at Highlandtown Gallery, Highlandtown, Baltimore. Thank you!

“Marble Hitting the Forest Floor” 16 x 20 inches, Oil on board.

This is also one of the 150 color images in “The Journey to Ukazoo” ArtStory book.

Copyright: Craig L Haupt

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Art Exhibits, A Sale

Sold! One of my artworks currently on display at Highlandtown Gallery. This is also one of 48 images that will be included in the ArtStory book I am in the process of creating and filming the progress as a YouTube series.

To visit and view the continuing series of video’s tracking the creation of an ArtStory book from its conception, designing, writing, self-publishing, to printed book form. Please use the Link below to watch these episodes.

“Sorry” 12 x 12 inch, oil on CanvasCopyright Craig L Haupt #art #gallery #sold #surreal #sphere