12 + 12, 12 x 12’s-“HEY!! Hands off the Marble”, The Worksheet


Project: 12 + 12, 12 x 12’s #9 by Craig L Haupt

Title-“HEY!! Hands off the Marble” Second sequenced post.

Posted is the 12” x 12” pencil Worksheet to be used for the ‘HEY!! Hands……” painting.

For the projected painting I decided on four traced hands (my hands, actual size). For the patterns, as I mentioned in last weeks post, I included several from the School Visual.

The worksheet shows some of the newer patterns added as well as some patterns (fingers that have very light markings) that I am still contemplating.

Also as mentioned last week, there is no narrative or theme that guided my choices of patterns and I also refrained from considering balancing the color scheme from hand to hand which might also have swayed the choices of patterns. In other words, except for the symmetry of the hand layout, I chose to be completely random in my pattern choices.

Not sure how this will work out.


The project will be posted in the following sequence, 1st Monday-the sketch/doodle or related source from whence the painting has originated.

The second Monday-the 12”x12” pencil worksheet showing the intended painting.

The third Monday-a progress post of the painting.

The fourth Monday-the finished painting.

Then repeat.


Art notes:

All images are copyright Craig L Haupt


2 thoughts on “12 + 12, 12 x 12’s-“HEY!! Hands off the Marble”, The Worksheet

    • Thank you Sherry, the ice cream cones were a late addition to the patterns and as I worked on the painting, the band aids were the last to be painted because I was still unsure if they would work. Thanks for mentioning those two since there was that uncertainly, I feel a little better now that I kept them.

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