The “Eleven” Series #2

The “Eleven” Series

#2-“Yellow Rectangles”-Oil on Canvas, 8” x 10” Craig L Haupt

Though nimble in design, these 11 small paintings share a related element with most paintings/drawings I’ve worked with, in that they still originate from ‘Doodles’ in my Sketch Books.

Of note, during the past week I received final approval for a spot in an upcoming Group Exhibit at Y:Art Gallery to show these 11 small paintings.

A little ways off, I will still include the Exhibition dates and related information with each Monday Art posting and will Share their FB Event posting as it becomes available.

Y:ART Gallery & Fine Gifts

“Miniature Show”

November 22, 2017 to January 31, 2018

Opening Reception: Saturday, November 25, 2017, 6-9pm

3402 Gough St
Baltimore, Maryland, MD 21224


Art notes:
Image copyright Craig L Haupt


5 thoughts on “The “Eleven” Series #2

  1. The shading on your painting this week is interesting. Sometimes your orange figure seems to “pop out” of the background. When I look again it seems to be the blue background instead. Your work is always fun to look at.

    Congratulations on your acceptance into the
    Y:Art Gallery Show !

  2. Thanks Sherry, the shading I’m working with is trying to create that exact effect. For lack of a better term, it is giving me a ‘quilted’ effect. Several of the paintings in this series have various degrees of this shading and as I get to like it, it has found it’s way into a few of the paintings in the second half of the 12 + 12 project. Always welcome your comments.

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