The Eleven Series

“Reaching”-Oil on Canvas, 8” x 10” Craig L Haupt

On day Two of my “break” from painting (March 29th), I happened to see a relativity simple Doodle in my Sketch book. I looked over and saw a small 8” x 10” canvas. Suddenly the ‘break’ was over and I started on this several-week whirlwind of eleven 8” x 10” paintings. They are simple in design, quick in execution, some with a looser painting style than others, and most, are void of any narrative other than what an applied title might miserly suggest. They became an enjoyable exercise that set the tone for a few paintings in the second part of the  upcoming 12 + 12 project.

This is the first of the eleven, Titled “Reaching”, and these will be posted each Monday in the order that they were painted.

Art notes:
Image copyright Craig L Haupt


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