12 + 12, 12 x 12’s-‘Bing Cherry’, The Finished Painting

Project: 12 + 12, 12 x 12’s  #17

Title-’Bing Cherry’

Third sequenced post, ‘Finished Painting’.

With still feeling relativity new to Oil Paints and learning their various proprieties (opaque’s, translucence’s, Glazing, etc.) and how I effectively paint with them, I was recently made aware of a grouping of oil colors listed as Radiant’s. For the last few paintings they have been used sparingly to gain a feel for them. I’m getting to like them. In this painting they are used predominantly in the three ’swirling’ designs on the left.

Next Monday the start of #18 in the 12 + 12 project.

Image copyright Craig L Haupt


One thought on “12 + 12, 12 x 12’s-‘Bing Cherry’, The Finished Painting

  1. Great color choices and shading. I like the way you brought the landscape in … and of course the
    “Bing Cherry” !

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