Designing an Artbook, Painting #8

‘Doodle’, ‘Worksheet’ and now the ‘Finished painting; #8 of 48.

This process of steps from doodle to finished painting is highlighted in my ‘Designing an Artbook’ 12 minute Youtube video, Ep 17.

“Please, Please! Fetch!!” 12 x 12 inches, Oil on Canvas

Copyright: Craig L Haupt

I invite to to view these 9 to 13 minute videos and subscribe to follow the journey to creating my second ArtStory book.

Youtube Craig L Haupt

#design #dog #lamppost #video #oilpainting #filming #surrealism #whimsical

2 thoughts on “Designing an Artbook, Painting #8

    • thank you Claudia, I have been lax in keeping up with blog posts myself and also will pay more attention to your posts, you always highlight some wonderful artworks.

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