Art Exhibits, A Sale

Sold! One of my paintings on display at Katsea Gallery, Towson. Thank you!

As a bonus, someone also purchased one of the prints of this image also that was available at the Gallery!

“The House That Jack Built”© 18 x 24 inches, Oil on board.

This 3 year ago painting project was set up to include suggestions, by viewers, of items to be put into the painting as it progressed with on-line postings.

I provided the shell/framework, doors and windows and during the course of the on-line project I posted different sections of the house and asked for suggestions of items to be included (with certain house location guildlines).

About 75 to 80% of the items included in the painting are by audience participation to the two year long painting project.

Designing an Artbook, Painting #8

‘Doodle’, ‘Worksheet’ and now the ‘Finished painting; #8 of 48.

This process of steps from doodle to finished painting is highlighted in my ‘Designing an Artbook’ 12 minute Youtube video, Ep 17.

“Please, Please! Fetch!!” 12 x 12 inches, Oil on Canvas

Copyright: Craig L Haupt

I invite to to view these 9 to 13 minute videos and subscribe to follow the journey to creating my second ArtStory book.

Youtube Craig L Haupt

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Designing an Artbook, Ep 17

New 12 minute video on YouTube featuring how to design an artbook and other art related stuff

This episode features painting number 8 of the 48 primary paintings, ‘Please, Please! Fetch!!’ 

Also included in this Episode is a ’Fictitious & Real Letter’ with questions.

Another ‘Also’, included in response to the questions, highlighting my tools used for my art.

The ‘Fictitious Letters’ chronicle my history of becoming an artist.

The introduction of the ‘fictitious Letter’ aspect into the videos will also give me a chance to integrate my artistic history/autobiography into the episodes. 

Ep. 17 Continues to Highlight age 17

Ep. 16 Highlights age 17

Ep. 15 Highlights age 14 to 16

Ep. 14 Highlights age 8 to 13.

Ep. 13’s Fictitious Letter highlighted my beginnings at age 7.

Overall view of  the “24 Album Cover” book Episode series project is Highlighting the artistic design, writing stories, creating art images, computer applications including learning InDesign & Photoshop, layout for conversion to PDF, and a crowdfunding campaign to help fund the conversion of the self-published ArtStory project to printed form.

The ArtStory book will feature 48 full color images, 77 supporting images, and 24 short story/vignettes within a 9.5 x 9.5, 100 plus page self-published book.

YouTube video: 

Published: 4-5-21



Musical guest for Episode 16 ‘End of Video Credits’ background music:

Jerry Colburn, composer

Used with permission

Musical guests for past Episodes:

Episode 16: Bob Pyle, Banjo

“Mississippi Sawyer”©

Used with permission  

Episode 15: Vanessa Peters (BMI)

“Just Down”©

Episode 14: Lee Steelwright (longtime friend)

First attempts on his newly acquired Bongos

“Habanera Beginnings”©

Used with permission

Episdoe 13: Jen Pruitt & Shannon Cassidy

“Ukazoo!!” ©

Used with permission

Episode 12: Charles Roe

“16 Kittens 12 Monkies”©