Designing an Art Book, Ep 22 – Painting #13 of 48

This episode features painting number 13 of the 48 primary paintings of the ArtStory book, ‘The Little House’, 8 x 10 inch, oil on Canvas 

Also included in this Episode 22 is Part Two: The demonstration of painting with ‘Gouache’ featuring Artist and friend, Karen Trimble.

Overall view of  the “24 Album Cover” book Episode series project is Highlighting the artistic design, writing stories, creating art images, computer applications including learning InDesign & Photoshop, layout for conversion to PDF, and a crowdfunding campaign to help fund the conversion of the self-published ArtStory project to printed form.

The ArtStory book will feature 48 full color images, 77 supporting images, and 24 short story/vignettes within a 9.5 x 9.5, 100 plus page self-published book.



Musical guest for Episode 21 ‘End of Video Credits’ background music:

Bob Pyle,

‘The Seaweed Song’©

From the CD “Apples and Oranges”

used with permission

2 thoughts on “Designing an Art Book, Ep 22 – Painting #13 of 48

  1. Holy Smokes! Where have I been??? I have been a fan of your artwork forever! And yet I’ve missed all these past videos and posts on making your art! Geez! Well, another showcase of your work on my blog (Humoring the Goddess) is due in no short order!

    • Claudia, thank you for the kind words. I have been rather negligent in posting the videos and accompanying art works connected with the videos to WordPress when posted to other sites.
      Over the next few weeks I hope to bring everything up to date so you can see the video/artbook progress.
      Again, thanks for the comment and hope all has been well!

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