2 thoughts on “Saturday’s Art Exhibit

  1. Hi Craig, I hope your show went well and you sold lots of art! We’re now at Tybee Island, GA until Saturday morning. It’s 73° here, and the place is a small condo on the bay side on the third floor. Very sweet place.

    My sister was so happy to receive your book. My guess is she’s kind of embarrassed to admit she has no idea when the one you sent arrived and it’s whereabouts. Perhaps it will be uncovered in her large storage area in Carolina Beach, which is packed to the gills, one day.

    Looking forward to seeing your new gallery space!



    • Thank you Deborah, ha ha, at least now there are witnesses that she has the book, ha ha. Sounds like you’re having a nice trip and when you and Lee return we will have to visit the gallery together, you can see the galleries new art space and you both can tell me about the trip.

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