Art Stuff, Ep 57, Text box to Adobe Indesign

Craig L Haupt, Art Stuff, Ep 57


Ep 57, The second Artbook!

This video highlights the positioning the digitally scanned text page motif into the Adobe Indesign worksheet file.

Once the text motif is positioned in place then the adding of the story text and art design elements to the different design areas on, around, within the motif elements.

Of note, I am in the initial stages of learning the Adobe Indesign App and this exercise is learning how to set up the steps to add guidelines, position, move, resize different images and text boxes.

Also a TBT from ‘The Journey to Ukazoo’ ArtStory book, number 8 of the eight ’Snapshots and Memorabilia’ images. © Craig L Haupt
For your viewing pleasure. For you, I made this for you!!

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