A young inspiring artist

Stopped in katsea gallery to take in Kat Kline’s closing show yesterday and was treated to viewing a young visiting artist working on a drawing at my make-shift drafting table. I have this drafting table/work desk set up in my art space at the gallery for just this purpose, young visitors can have an opportunity to do a little drawing while their parents wander the gallery.

I worked a little with her on one of her drawings by showing her an example of how to make this random squiggle design with black color pencil. She made this one. I colored in three small areas to show her the next step. She colored in the rest of the areas.

When she was done I offered a trade. Her artwork (with a couple of colors by me) for one of my ‘The Journey to Ukazoo’ ArtStory books. She accepted.

Bonus observation. I was tickled by the fact that she put every color pencil back in the box after using that one and getting out another.

I would have had the pencils laying everywhere, lol.

One thought on “A young inspiring artist

  1. That’s pretty cool, Craig! It’s very possible you have just inspired the future of an author and artist! Deborah


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