Buying artwork from a young artist

I attended the Overlea ArtsFest Youth Art Show yesterday evening and loved seeing all the wonderful art creations by a variety of youngsters from around the area!

Viewing the 6 to 10 year olds works, it turned out I bought the second artwork I saw!

A smile instantly came to my face with the injection of whimsical embellishments this young man had included in his drawing.

In a way it reminded me of some of the drawings I did when I was that age.

Later by the chance of overhearing his question to his mom about what the red dot met I volunteered the answer that it had sold. I asked if he had any artwork in the show and he said that that one was his and I got to tell him it was now mine, I bought it. The ensuing discussion with him and his mom made my day.

Title of the artwork is ‘Abandoned Backyard’ ©Trevor, Pen, Pencil, Color pencil

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