Tale of the lost hat!

The Tale of the Lost Cap!

It’s been a rough couple of weeks. I misplaced my favorite hat and with it three unable-to-replace enamel pins that adorned one side. I searched everywhere, backtracked to places I had been in hopes of rejoining hat to head. Yet all for naught.

Finally yesterday I resolved myself to the fact that it was gone and other hats I had, minus the pins, needed to rise up to fill this void. Yes, with head hung low and wiping away a tear, I gave up!

With that I left for a planned visit to see my new granddaughter and bring dinner to the mom & dad, Terresa and Jesse. Entering the house I stopped dead in my tracks and mouth dropped open, wide enough a kitten could have jumped in for a nap!

There on Waverly’s head was my hat, she had found it and was now wearing it. Pointing to the cap as to ask, is this yours?

With faked reluctance (and a silly smirk) she returned it.

I asked if she wanted some shrimp toast as a reward, she respectfully declined. She decided the look on my face at seeing the hat was reward enough.

What a treat, what joy, such a great kid!

3 thoughts on “Tale of the lost hat!

  1. Yeah! It very traumatic to lose a favorite cap, I know it all to well. Glad that you had a joyful reunion with said headwear. Good to see that your granddaughter was honorable n returning the cap to its rightful owner.

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