Journey To Ukazoo (Towson, MD Bookstore)

I started a “Journey to Ukazoo” slide show on my “Craig L Haupt” Community Facebook Page, June 3rd. Below is the first Facebook post that includes a description of the “Journey to Ukazoo”.
I will be posting “Slide Six” Monday, July 8th, on the Facebook page. The intent is to post the next five Facebook slides (Slides 2 to 6) over the next few days to the blog as to bring it up to date, so “Slide Seven” on the Blog will align with the Facebook post, “Slide Seven”, by Monday July 15th. As I post a “Slide” with text each Monday afternoon at 5:45 on Facebook to my “Friends” and “Likes”, I will then post the same “Slide” and text to my “Blog” page for those on my art mailing list and new guests to my artwork who do not use Facebook.

June 3rd Facebook Post-Description of Journey to Ukazoo and Slide One:

Steppin' Out

By way of a series of small events in connection with recently displaying a few prints at Ukazoo Bookstore in Towson, MD and also securing an art exhibit there as well, starting the week of Feb 16, 2014 to April 13th, I have decided to promote the exhibit by taking a “metaphorical journey” to Ukazoo
I will be posting a “Tongue in Cheek” slide show of my “trip”, once a week (Monday) for the next 37 weeks, using images from past art shows as a series of slides of my “stops” at various locations in the U.S. as I “travel” to Ukazoo.
Besides the self-promotion aspect of generating interest for the future exhibit of new works, this slide show also gives those new to my artwork, a chance to see various examples of images exhibited since my first show in 2005.

Slide One: ‘Steppin’ Out’
This shot is of me taking that first step on my journey to Ukazoo. To be honest, the image is a little off as I do sport a beard and mustache. Now the hair on the other hand, or should I say ‘lack of hair’, is fairly accurate. The van is packed. Up front I have some tunes, my water, pretzels, and some homemade chocolate chip cookies and I am ready to go. First stop is Ocacoke, N.C.

All images and text are copyright Craig L Haupt.

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