Journey to Ukazoo-Slide 33

For You My Love, Flowers

Journey to Ukazoo

Slide 33-”For You My Love, Flowers”



Third stop in Maine. Checked into the Mill Pond Inn in Damariscotta Mills and as with past visits, I was glad to see hosts, Brandy and Billy.


Arriving later in the day, with all the needed earmarked tour books, brochures, lists of family and friends recommendations, and recreational gear, both in and atop their van, was a family of five. The parents, Jack and Myrna, able to coordinate time off from their busy work schedules, were aglow with anticipation of a week spent entirely with their three daughters.


Ages 8 to 12, the girls, wasting no time jumping out of the van, were a bundle of excitement raring to have the time of their lives. All three over talking each other to let us know their plans for the week-Playing, fishing, swimming, playing, boating, sightseeing, playing, biking, and eating lots of lobster. I asked if they mentioned playing.

Jack and Myrna, after checking in, as elated as the girls, started right in with the first suggested activity, a canoe ride. During the week, mom and dad were in constant motion, keeping pace with the girls, and if not directly involved, then sitting nearby to watch. The girls loved it all.


For Myrna, getting a chance to spend extended time with the girls was heaven, as evenings and weekends back home only afforded short trips. These, intermingled with catching up on everyday chores and getting ready for the start of the next work/school week.

By the fifth day of keeping up with the wants and needs of three very active girls, mom, happily occupied as she was, started to display some wear.


Jack, as enthusiastic of spending time with the family as Myrna, started out the week fully engaged but with each passing day, Jack inadvertently took up some guy stuff offers. A little golfing, an evening card game with Billy and me, he hadn’t noticed that Myrna never managed a break from the weeks activities with the girls.

It was day five, as Jack, Billy and I wandered in from an early evening fishing jaunt, that Jack spied Myrna sitting in the dining area, chin cupped in hands, looking worn-out after a full day with the girls.


Becoming acuity aware of his unintentional breaks, Jack motioned Brandy, Billy, and me into the other room. With hushed voice, asked if we would keep Myrna occupied and redirected, if any questions arose, while he took a short trip to town. Jack also asked if we would do a little Babysitting that evening. We could do both.

Hearing the van door close as Jack returned, Myrna, a touch concerned by his latest absence, slowly rose from her seat to greet his return. Jack stepped into the room with flowers in hand.

I took this picture as he gave Myrna a soft caress with the other hand and said, “For you my love, Flowers”. He proceeded to ask if she would go out on a date with him.

Myrna turned in our direction and she was informed that all was prearranged, reservations made, and we would entertain the girls.

A soft smile, a tear, a returned hug and a wait of just 20 minutes to freshen up was her response.


Dad took the girls boating on Damariscotta Lake one last time before next morning’s departure, while Myrna relaxed on the back deck with Brandy and a few other guests.


Van packed, Jack at the steering wheel, and the girls waving goodbyes, Myrna laid the flowers in her lap as they made ready to head home. It was a good week, she said, a very good week.


Art notes:

All images and text are copyright Craig L Haupt

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