The Ukazoo Journey-Snapshots and Memorabilia

Purple Haze-White Flower

The Ukazoo Journey-“Snapshots and Memorabilia”

First week of Ukazoo Art Exhibit

“Purple Haze, White Flower”


While unpacking, I was looking through the pictures I had taken during my journey to Ukazoo and turns out there were a few extra pictures I had taken and put aside.

All of my four stops in Maine during this journey, have been at Inn’s I have frequented in previous years and have become good friends with the hosts of these inns.

During my stop in Damariscotta Mills, Maine at the Mill Pond Inn, I was put to work.

The Mill Pond Inn visits have become rather unique, in that every time I have driven to Maine to stay there, I make sure I include my carpenters tool box in my packing list. Somehow, on my first visit to Mill Pond Inn several years ago, Billy had asked for a hand with a small project around the Inn and I assisted. Since then, it has become an ongoing ritual that when I get there, Billy always has a few projects lined up for the both us to work on.

From the helping with relocating a dishwasher to their outdoor bar, fixing a door, to working on putting together the stage for local bands playing at the annual Damariscotta Mills Fish Ladder Restoration festival, I have enjoyed time spent being a part of these projects.

This past stop (Slide 33, “For You My Love, Flowers”), the project, Billy and I were working on, was getting some under-brush cleared out near the waters edge. Jack also lent a hand while his wife, Myrna, their three daughters and Brandy were in the town for lunch.

I worked my way behind a rather large dense bush and spotted several flowers that were not common to the area. I took this picture of one small flower with the close-up lens and then continued with the clearing out project. I had forgot about it till now.


Besides the unpacking from my journey, I also had to work with getting artwork ready for the Ukazoo Art Exhibit.

What was to be just one Two Month long Art Exhibit at Ukazoo Books, featuring new Oil paintings and Watercolors has changed in format to become Two separate Exhibits. In order to respond to requests of seeing Art images and the corresponding stories from the Journey on display, 16 selected images and the matching text were installed yesterday, February 16th at the Ukazoo Bookstore. Thank you Mac, for your help. These images/stories will be on display till March 14th.


The Second Exhibit will start on March 15th. I will change the Exhibit to display the new art work previously planned and have the Opening Reception. Hope to see you there, to either see anew, reconnect, or meet those for the first time.


Art notes:

All images and text are copyright Craig L Haupt

Postings of “Journey to Ukazoo” Slides are every Monday Evening.

New arrivals to the “Journey” please view:

FaceBook: Craig L Haupt  –  ‘Art page’, “Journey to Ukazoo Album” or

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See Slide One for a brief synopsis.

Opening Art Reception, Saturday, March 15th, 2014, 5:00 to 8:00 P.M., at Ukazoo Book Store, Towson, MD 21204


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