The Ukazoo Journey-“Snapshots and Memorabilia”

BlueSphere, GreenMan

The Ukazoo Journey-“Snapshots and Memorabilia”

Fifth week of Ukazoo Art Exhibit

“Blue Sphere, Green Man”


Regarding the Ukazoo Art Exhibit Opening Reception held Saturday, March 15, 2014.

A few days ago I wrote an open letter to members of a Thursday evening painting group I am associated with.

Thursday, March 13, two days before the Ukazoo Art Exhibit Opening Reception they offered to bring a dish to share and/or a bottle of wine to the Reception. I didn’t refuse.

The letter I sent to painter’s group, expressed that I was overwhelmed by their offer of support and help with the Art Exhibit and how wonderful it was to know such a exceptional group of painters/friends.

The same sentiments can be said of all the family, friends, and guests that attended the Opening Reception, Saturday, March 15th.

I have a small place and with the setup I have to work on art, the space is not conducive to entertaining company. Under these circumstances, the art exhibits I host, have become my vehicle for not just sharing the art I create but more importantly “my party” to connect with family and with friends I have met over the years. It also allows me to meet additional guests new to my artwork.

With hosting this event, I hope I didn’t make too many social grafts as I met/didn’t meet, introduced/failed to introduce, or cut short a conversation here and there to meet a new arrival, etc.

I enjoyed the evening immensely and regret not being able to spend more time with each of you.

Thank all of you for attending.

Last, but not the least, one unfortunate event of the evening was the absence of two close friends, Mac and his wife, Laura. Mac had helped me that morning hanging the artwork for Saturday evenings exhibit and later that evening, just five minutes before leaving their home to attend the opening, Mac was rushed to the hospital due to having a mild stroke. I was made aware of the situation during the reception, and the duration of the evening, while enjoyable on one level, was shrouded by a cloud of concern with his condition and knowing I would be informed if things would have taken a serious turn. I drove directly to the hospital after the exhibit to visit Mac and assured he was doing much better with additional testing still to be done.

Thanks to Todd and Lois for giving me updated information on Mac’s condition and location.


On a Ukazoo Journey “Snapshots and Memorabilia” note, I found another photo I took while visiting an Art Gallery in Bowling Green, Ohio.

I had met a couple just as I arrived and Harlan, the husband, not an art aficionado, let his wife Harriet to do most of the wandering around.

I saw Harlan a little later when I wandered out to the Galleries sculpture garden. With several of the garden sculptures being interactive pieces and Harlan finding one of the these sculptures having a small incorporated shelf that looked inviting, he sat down to wait on Harriet. Settling in, Harlan showed little movement as he blankly gazed ahead while engaged with his own internal meandering thoughts.

Becoming such an unmoving part of the sculpture, several people had inquired with the gallery owner that if the price of the sculpture included “Harlan”, they were interested in purchasing it.

I took this picture just before Harriet, ready to leave with a newly acquired small painting, had quite a laugh when she found Harlan. Still sitting in much the same position as she last saw him an hour ago, Harriet jokingly informed him that the sculpture was interactive not in-active.


Art notes:

All images and text are copyright Craig L Haupt

Postings of “Ukazoo Journey” Slides are every Monday Evening.

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See “Slide One” for a brief synopsis.

Craig L Haupt’s Ukazoo Art Exhibit of New Art Works, March 15, to April 13, 2014, at Ukazoo Book Store, Towson, MD 21204


2 thoughts on “The Ukazoo Journey-“Snapshots and Memorabilia”

  1. I think you were the perfect host. What a great gathering and presentation. Sorry to hear about mack, hope all is well. By the way who was your adorable assistant?

    • Thanks Lee. Mac is back home after four days in the hospital. Since he and Laura were not able to make it to the opening, I will be having an end of exhibit informal reception, not just for them but for anyone else not able to attend the opening. I will post details in the upcoming “Ukazoo snapshots and memorabilia” posts.
      The adorable assistant, if you must know, is the daughter of two exceptional friends of mine (but I think you already knew that). Great seeing you and Deborah at the opening!

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