The Ukazoo Journey-“Snapshots and Memorabilia” Week 8

Blue I

The Ukazoo Journey-“Snapshots and Memorabilia”

Eighth week of Ukazoo Art Exhibit

“Blue I”


The Ukazoo Art Exhibit will close Saturday evening, April 12, with an informal closing reception. Arranged to meet with several friends and guests who were unable to attend the opening reception, as well as those individuals who had purchased artwork and would like to pick it up at the close of the exhibit.

Anyone still interested in stopping by the Towson Ukazoo Bookstore Saturday evening from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. is welcome.

During the exhibit, I posted (including this one) for the eight weeks (Feb 17 to April 7), a second installment to the “Journey” entitled: “Snapshots and Memorabilia” which are part updates on the exhibit and part continuation of the “Journey to Ukazoo” slides and stories.

Starting April 14th, a Third Installment, for those not able to attend the exhibit, I will continue Ukazoo postings every Monday for the next nine weeks, each post highlighting one of the paintings featured in the Ukazoo Art Exhibit.


About Ukazoo, a few days ago I noticed on my bookshelf “Mya’s Poems for a Smile”, a book I purchased after attending her poetry recital in Chicago (Slide 25-The Cap).

While reading several poems from her book, I drifted in thought to the Ukazoo Journey. Reflecting on the past ten months of the journey and subsequent art exhibit, I found myself appreciative of the “Likes”, the “Shares”, the “Followers”, and viewership to Facebook and the Blog.

The kind words, encouragement and help, both during the journey and the art exhibit’s opening reception will not be forgotten.

Given these reflections, I found the last poem in Mya’s book appropriate for this posting:


“In this ink

There lies a tear.

Conceived not of sorrow,

Hurt, or fear.

With each form,

Each word I make.

My patient hand,

Seeks to relate.

To find those near,

And those afar

I thank your smile

Wherever you are.”


I took this picture of myself, (I guess I did a “selfie”) as I started typing Mya’s poem.

Recounting earlier attempts of taking a picture of myself during the journey, a decision has now firmly been made, I must get a new camera. I tried several more shots, held it at different angles, shook it, hit it on the table, even drew a lot of tiny lines on the lens, the camera still will not record my beard and mustache.


Art notes:

All images and text are copyright Craig L Haupt

Postings of “Ukazoo Journey” Slides are every Monday Evening.

New arrivals to the “Journey” please view:

FaceBook: Craig L Haupt  –  “Journey to Ukazoo Album” or

Blog:  –  “Journey to Ukazoo”

See “Slide One” for a brief synopsis.

Ukazoo Art Exhibit , Feburary 16 to April 12, 2014, at Ukazoo Book Store, Towson, MD 21204

Informal Closing Reception-Saturday April 12, 6:00 to 8:00 P.M.


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