“The Ukazoo Art Exhibit”-Eight of Nine

Room With a View

“The Ukazoo Art Exhibit”

Eighth of the Nine Oil Paintings displayed


“Room With a View”

January, 2014

18” x 24” Oil on Board

In Private Collection


Working with a small “doodle” that caught my interest, the developing design was more conducive to a square format. Only having, at that time, a rectangle board prepped for painting, I found and added a second “doodle” from the same sketch book page. Hence, this painting.


A “thank you” to Katelyn. There is a thank you to Deborah, Anne, and Katelyn for unsolicited help with the setting up and replenishing refreshments in past art exhibits but a special thank you to Katelyn for agreeing to help me with the Ukazoo Art exhibit. Katelyn also kept track of sales/name and address information.


Another reminder of the upcoming new project to be posted Monday June 16th. Added to the flashing lights, musical fanfare, confetti, fireworks, jugglers with flaming batons, clowns on unicycles, acrobatic alligators, a Zeppelin with scrolling text, and mimes releasing balloons are a dozen, daring debutante’s being shot (one at a time, of course) from a canon screaming




just before they hit the safety net.


As always, knowing my difficulty of making such a loud announcement, I say softy, please keep following my journey, more neat art stuff is on the way.


Art notes:

All images and text are copyright Craig L Haupt

Postings of “Ukazoo Journey” are every Monday Evening.

FaceBook: Craig L Haupt  –  “Journey to Ukazoo Album” or

Blog: http://www.craiglhaupt.com  –  “Journey to Ukazoo”

See “Slide One” for a brief synopsis.


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