“The House That Jack Built” Week One

The House That Jack Built

“The House That Jack Built”-Week One

Full 18” x 24” Pen & Ink Image


Well folks, here is what all the flashing lights, musical fanfare, confetti, fireworks, jugglers with flaming batons, clowns on unicycles, acrobatic alligators, a Zeppelin with scrolling text, mimes releasing balloons, and a dozen daring debutante’s being shot (one at a time, of course) from a canon screaming


just before they hit the safety net, while a host of white doves and a thousand Butterflies (I counted) take to the sky to announce what I really wanted to say softy.


The Short and Sweet:

I would like suggestions from viewers, starting next Monday, of items to add to a painting.


The image you see posted is an 18” x 24” Pen & Ink worksheet, which is the reworking of a small (5 1/2” x 8”) pen & ink drawing finished way back in 1995 (when I was 116 years old). The small original (that I will post at the end of this project as a comparison) contained only a sparse six items within the framework of the boards/door/two windows and gate.

The above Pen & Ink worksheet (to be divided for this project, into four workable corner sections) and the accumulated, selected suggestions will be combined and transferred for completion as an 18” x 24” oil painting.


The posting schedule for the project is, as laid out:

Monday, June 23; Post the first of four corners, door area being the first, and I will ask for suggestions of items to be added for that area.

Monday, June 30; An intermission, (will post a past art image).

Monday, July 7; Repost the first corner with added items.

Monday, July 14; Post the second corner for suggestions of that area

Continue the sequence, and end the project with the posting of the completed painting.


Some Guidelines (which I will expand on next posting):

If you please, just one suggestion per person for each corner area, when posted.

There are only so many things/items that can be added, and suggestions will come from different sources (Facebook, WordPress Blog, LinkedIn, etc.), so take no offense if yours is not chosen.


There is no compensation for suggestions used, other than a heartfelt thank you for being part of this project, but I will keep tab of the names offering suggestions and will do a “pull a name out of the hat” to send that selected person a signed, first print of the final painting.


Art notes:

All images and text are copyright Craig L Haupt

Postings of “The House That Jack Built” are every Monday Evening.

Postings are made to:

FaceBook: Craig L Haupt

WordPress Blog: http://www.craiglhaupt.com

LinkedIn: Craig L Haupt


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