“The House That Jack Built”-Week 13

The House That Jack Built Fourth corner additions

“The House That Jack Built”

Week 13-Fourth Corner with Suggestions


And finally, the Fourth corner of the Pen & Ink worksheet with suggestions from viewers to “The House That Jack Built” project. Again, this is a camera shot rather than a digital scan so coloring is different from the initial “4th corner” post.

Thanks to all that have participated in this project.


As I continue to lay out the painting, some shifting, additions, and alterations of suggestions can still take place up to the final strokes of the brush.


Of note: One item suggested “Old Bay”, the issue of Copyrights has to be considered and as of now the can reads “New Bay”.


This painting, as I continue to prep the layout, will take several weeks to complete. The plan (as of now) is to Post another intermission art image next Monday, then work out a schedule of Posting progress images of the painting as I work to a finished painting.


The continuing posting schedule for the project is, as laid out:

Today,  Monday, September 8; Fourth Corner with suggested items.

Monday, September 15; An intermission image.

Post Progress images of the painting till completed.


Art notes:

All images and text are copyright Craig L Haupt

Postings of “The House That Jack Built” are every Monday Evening.

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4 thoughts on ““The House That Jack Built”-Week 13

  1. Changing the title of Old Bay to New Bay actually does not mean you are not violating copyright (or trademark), as the painting makes the can recognizable as Old Bay, just as changing the colors or one item in painting while copying a photo does not make it “okay.” However, McCormick is very unlikely to go after you as most trademark owners of consumer products like the publicity and don’t make a fuss about it. Just watch out for Sony! They can be quite unreasonable.

    • Thanks Elizabeth for the copyright information. I will figure out how I will approach this even if I just make up my own design for the can and forget Old Bay completely.

  2. Actually, I was thinking last night that because the can is such a tiny part of the whole work, there shouldn’t be any problem. Trademark infringement is different from copyright infringement, and since you are not trying to sell a competing product, you are not damaging their reputation, and your use will not cause confusion to the public, you should be fine.I wouldn’t change it– It wouldn’t have any impact if you just make up a can.

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