12 + 12, 12 x 12’s – “Duplex” Finished Painting


Project: 12 + 12, 12 x 12’s #11 by Craig L Haupt

Title-“Duplex”  Fourth sequenced Post.


Posted is the 12” x 12” “Duplex” Finished painting.
When putting forth a finished painting for all to see, I am at a disadvantage from the viewers perspective. Since my time spent with each painting is either the painting aspect in and of itself or numerous hours of musing various facets of shapes and colors, I can’t see my paintings with fresh eyes.

This leads me to the ending paragraph written in last weeks post,  “The difficult part in this painting is how these ‘applied’ decisions create a sense of logic as various converging lines distort where forms (cities, skies, ground, etc.) are seen as behind a particular shape in one instance then moves to be projected in front of the same shape moments later”.

Not sure whether this bending of ‘logic’ will be seen by viewers as successful or not, but from my experimenting with ambiguous receding and overlapping angled planes that emanated from the ‘doodle’, I am, from my perch, satisfied with this attempt.


The project will be posted in the following sequence, 1st Monday-the sketch/doodle or related source from whence the painting has originated.

The second Monday-the 12”x12” pencil worksheet showing the intended painting.

The third Monday-a progress post of the painting.

The fourth Monday-the finished painting.

Then repeat.


Art notes:

All images are copyright Craig L Haupt



4 thoughts on “12 + 12, 12 x 12’s – “Duplex” Finished Painting

  1. This is just marvelous. Because Im not an art critic I cant tell you which techniques worked, but the entire feel is balanced. My eyes are drawn to the red circles, a wonderful contrast to the gold wave. Well done!

  2. I think you did a great job with this painting. I saw the cities, the landscape, the field with the sun peeking over it and everything else I think you wanted the viewer to see.

    I also turned it upside down, as I have a habit of doing with abstract paintings, to see what else I could find. I discovered an animal with two eyes and a striped hat as well as a man stepping into the moon. Your doodles always become such fun paintings! Thanks for sharing them.

    • lol, I’ll have to start turning more of my paintings various ways. Just behind the two of us, in you didn’t notice, the brown shapes to the left is the hair, the moon/sun the eye, and the small cup in the finger holding the bottom city is the lips, so there is a face. Very subtle.

      • I see it !
        Now I’ll spend even more time looking at your paintings to find “the hidden treasures” !!

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