12 + 12, 12 x 12’s-“The Patio”, The Doodle

Project: 12 + 12, 12 x 12’s  #12 by Craig L Haupt

Title-“The Patio”  First sequenced post.

Posted is ‘The Doodle’, from Sketch Book One, 2005/2006. This selection is from the +12 portion of the project-Doodles selected by family/friends. This one was selected by Eric. Eric is one of my two sons, affectionately known as my favorite oldest son (and Jesse is my favorite youngest son). My request to guests of this project was to select three or more ‘doodles’ allowing me options in selecting a ‘doodle and or ‘doodles’ to work from. As true to Eric’s personally, he selected three caricature ’Doodles’ that seemed more suited to my ’Thumbnail Sketches’ project then to the current 12 + 12 project. He is the only one, of the 12 people selected for this project, that I returned the sketchbook and asked for a few additional selections. He selected this ‘doodle’. While not as far removed from his first selections, it was a choice that had greater potential to develop into a painting.

Pertaining to the ’doodle’ circled in ‘red’, the challenge was how to decipher what appeared to be a face in the forward grouping of shapes, with the two figures (noted by their eyes) protruding to each side in the next receding layer of shapes. Then of course there is another layer of shapes behind those.

Next weeks Worksheet posting will offer a solution.


The project will be posted in the following sequence, 1st Monday-the sketch/doodle or related source from whence the painting has originated.

The second Monday-the 12”x12” pencil ‘Worksheet’ showing the intended painting.

The third Monday-a ‘Progress’ post of the painting.

The fourth Monday-the ‘Finished’ painting.

Then repeat.


Art notes:

All images are copyright Craig L Haupt



4 thoughts on “12 + 12, 12 x 12’s-“The Patio”, The Doodle

  1. Waiting to see how you transform this “face doodle” into “The Patio”.
    I also like the doodle to the right of the one that was picked.

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