The ‘Eleven’ Series #8

The ‘Eleven’ Series

#8- ‘Fractured Sun’-Oil on Canvas, 8” x 10” Craig L Haupt

The nice thing about this series of eleven small paintings was trying some different applications of color and shapes. Even though brighter and airier than the others, I rather enjoyed this one.

I will be participating in an upcoming Group Exhibit at Y:Art Gallery to show these 11 paintings.

Included are the Exhibition dates and related information and will Share Y:ART’s FB Event posting as it becomes available.

Y:Art Gallery & Fine Gifts

‘The Miniature Holiday Exhibition’

November 22, 2017 to January 13, 2018

Opening Reception: Saturday, November 25, 2017, 6-9pm

3402 Gough St
Baltimore, MD 21224

Image – copyright Craig L Haupt


One thought on “The ‘Eleven’ Series #8

  1. Sorry I’m late with my comment……..
    Oh what fun !! I can see so many “things” in this painting and the purple hat is perfect !

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