12 + 12, 12 x 12’s-‘Contemplating Flight’, The Worksheet #19

Project: 12 + 12, 12 x 12’s  #19

Title-’Contemplating Flight’

Second sequenced post, ‘The Worksheet’.


Besides the first attempt to work a complete painting with just the Birds on the leaves, I made several succeeding attempts combining the two selected ’Doodles’ from Deborah. I opted for developing this ’Worksheet’ layout. A very different layout configuration than I have done before, but I had to take in consideration that this was part of the creative equation of this project anyhow.  We’ll see how this works as a painting.

For those new viewers to this 12 + 12, 12 x 12’s project, a short synopsis. 24 paintings total, all 12” x 12”s. Twelve of the 24 paintings are developed from ’Doodles’ selected by yours truly from my sketchbooks. The +12 portion of the project, is that I handed out my sketchbooks to 12 friends/artists I choose and they in turn selected a few ’Doodles’ that I had to develop a finished painting from.

Next Monday the ‘Finished painting’

Image copyright Craig L Haupt


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