Creating ‘The Journey to Ukazoo’ Book project

‘The Journey to Ukazoo’ Book project: Kickstarter Link: Craig L Haupt

Now for the next phase of this journey. The Kickstarter Campaign to help fund the publishing of ‘The Journey to Ukazoo’ Book has been launched. The campaign lasts 30 days, March 4 to April 2. During that time I must reach a set monetary goal or I receive nothing. All monies donated are kept in escrow to either be released if  funding the goal for publishing of the book is met or will be returned to the donors.

Over the next 30 days I will continue to post samples of stories included in the book, provide updates on the Ukazoo book campaign progress, special deals on prints, and, at the very least, ask for your help in spreading the word of this Kickstarter project.

At the very least visit the site and watch the video introduction.

If anyone pledges, your name is not visible, I just get a tracking number so I’m not able to thank anyone personally till this is over.

The Link to Kickstarter is: Craig L Haupt


‘The Journey’ Watercolor, Pen & Ink

Text and Image: Copyright Craig L Haupt

Ukazoo: Trademark Ukazoo Books with permission.


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