Designing an Artbook, ‘Fictitious Letter’

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Last Dream
Updated version of the future house I drew at age 14

The ‘Fictitious Letters’ in my Youtube video chronicles my history of becoming an artist.

Ep. 13 highlights me at 7 years old, Ep. 14 posted this past Monday, me at 8 to14.

The video continues to focus on my forthcoming second ArtStory book as well as featuring musical artists for the ending scrolling credits.

Featured in the video is Frank Lloyd Wright’s ‘last dream’ which had an influence on me at that age and a future home I used to draw.

The ‘city’ of Frank Lloyd Wright shown is from a 1961 Sunday newspaper foldout which I have kept all these years.

YouTube: Craig L Haupt

Ep 14 Link:

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