‘At the Wall’-Instagram Post

As I post past works to newly joined Instagram, I will share these works with current and new followers of my Blog.

‘From today’s Post to Instagram’
‘At the Wall’
Watercolor, pen & ink

Copyright, Craig L Haupt



“The House That Jack Built”-Week Three

At the Wall

“The House That Jack Built”

Week Three-Intermission


I begin this post with a “Thank You” to all those that submitted suggestions of items to be included in the “first corner” of the “House That Jack Built”.

As I have listed in the schedule, I am posting a past art image, as an intermission (I fixed a bowl of popcorn and a root beer with plenty of ice) while I am selecting items to be used and applying them to the Pen & Ink drawing.


The above pen & ink/watercolor art image is entitled “At the Wall”

Working from a small doodle in the sketch book, the initial figures always reminded me of the day the two young Dumpty brothers were expressing safety concerns of the locals and their habit of conducting everyday routines while standing on a wall. That evening, Benedict, the younger Dumpty, had noted in his journal, that their personal conclusion was-if one of them, heaven forbid, ever climbed up on a wall, they would certainly sit rather than stand. Apparently, years later, his older brother, found their conclusion to be slightly misguided.


The continuing posting schedule for the project is, as laid out:

Today,  Monday, June 30; An intermission, (will post a past art image).

Monday, July 7; Repost the first corner with added items.

Monday, July 14; Post the second corner for suggestions of that area

Continue the sequence, and end the project with the posting of the completed painting.


Art notes:

All images and text are copyright Craig L Haupt

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