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As I work on filming a trailer for my YouTube channel, some examples of art to give credibility are recommended and I as I combed through examples I might be able to use I came across a trove of my early photography days. This is a shot I might consider as one of several art image examples for the YouTube video trailer.

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YouTube, Craig L Haupt

“The House That Jack Built”-Week 33

Jack, Bottom segment

“The House That Jack Built”

Week 33-Jack-III


Moving Counter-Clockwise on the center motif, this is the third segment of “Jack”.

Whereas the first segment reflected Suburbia, the second segment a rural view, the third segment extends the rural flavor with farmland.

As with the other two segments, the oil paints are wet in this section and after they dry, I will go back to brush in additional shadows, color variations in the trees, rework the silo roof, and maybe add an extra car/truck.

For size reference, the main road measures 2” (50mm) in length, the Tractors, only 1/8 of an inch (3mm).

For a refresher or for those new to “The House That Jack Built” painting, see Week 16 & 17 for a view of the full “Jack” Four segment motif before the aerial view embellishment’s .

Art notes:

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