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Included in The Journey to Ukazoo’ book are the 37 stories and images. Each story has its own unique whimsical flavor set to the image and location visited. Using past photography means of viewing images, I refer to the each story as ‘Slides’.

The image shown is used for story ‘Slide 6’, ‘Blueberry Earrings’ and the location of the story is Yazoo (not to be confused with Ukazoo) City, Mississippi.

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Image: ‘Blueberry Earrings’
Copyright: Craig L Haupt
Ukazoo: A Trademark of Ukazoo Bookstore and used with permission.


Journey to Ukazoo-Slide Six

Blueberry Earrings

Journey to Ukazoo

Slide Six: Blue Berry Earrings

Stopped at a corner market on Canal Street, just off the Turnpike in Yazoo (not to be confused with Ukazoo) City , Mississippi. While standing in line, I met Cynthia Trout and her boyfriend Rod, a real nice couple. In conversation she mentioned that she has a cat, fish, and a parrot named, Porgy, who would perch on her shoulder and loved to eat pumpkin seed and an occasional worm or maybe even a fly, at least when he could snag one. 

Glancing around the market, a rather minuscule place, the walls were orange, rough and cracked and on the floor over by the scale was a well worn carpet, yet this small but quaint place smelt of fresh baked bread with a whiff of fresh herbs. Behind the counter, wearing a leatherjacket, was Woolly Jones, a tall man who could cast a long shadow on a sunny day. Besides running the register, his duties included making sure stock on the shelves seldom ran out. 

While leaving, we saw a little boy named Ray who was skipping, go by us while yelling Wahoo. Woolly, sharply, but with a smile, told him to scat.

Later I hooked up with Cynthia and Rod at the local waterhole and met their friends, John Dory, Molly Miller and Saul Deans, who, besides learning how to skate in their spare time, were part of tonight’s featured band, Stargazer.

I took this picture of Molly, while she was working to tune a piano she would play later in the set. She was taken a little off guard and on impulse covered her face, as she still held a firm belief that each photo takes a little bit of the soul. Saul would play the drums and John was noted for playing a mean bass as long as he didn’t flounder while checking out the ladies.

Wonderful music, wonderful people. Will stay here another day and then it’s back on the road again.

Art notes:

All images and text are copyright Craig L Haupt

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