“The House That Jack Built”-Week 18

Lawn Vases

“The House That Jack Built”

Week 18-Intermission


As I work with detail on “The House That Jack Built” I am posting a past Art image as an “Intermission” while I am finalizing the porch area.


For this intermission, the above Pen & Ink/Watercolor drawing is entitled “Lawn Vases”. This drawing was completed in April, 2009.



The continuing posting schedule for the project is, as laid out:

Today,  Monday, October 13; “Intermission”.

Monday, October 20 and following Monday’s; Post continuing progress images of “The House That Jack Built” painting.


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“The Ukazoo Art Exhibit”-Three of Nine

Still Life-Vase & Apples

“The Ukazoo Art Exhibit”

Third of the Nine Oil Paintings displayed


“Still Life-Vase and Apples”

November, 2012

16” x 20” Oil on Board


When beginning this painting, I have jokingly referred it as “my first serious” oil painting.


This is also the image I used for the postcard/email/social media invites, website Home page, and any promotion for the “Ukazoo Art Exhibit”.


Nod of thanks to close friends, Lee, Deborah and their daughter Katelyn, as well as their family members and close friends that attend their Thanksgiving dinners each year. Over the past several years, I have joined them for this Holiday dinner and part of the evening has become my annual “Show & Tell” of  recently completed art work. Along with a few other pieces, “Still Life” was the most recent finished painting. It is their viewpoints and encouragement of my art during these once a year displays that always add a boost of confidence to my motivation to continue exhibiting my artwork publicly. With “Still Life” as the third finished painting (since the Antreasian Gallery exhibit), a fourth in progress and another painting being prepped to start, it was during this evening that I knew that I would start to consider the next location for another exhibit.



Not to forget, there is still the reminder of the upcoming new project to be posted Monday June 16th. Added to the flashing lights, musical fanfare, confetti and the fireworks of last weeks:




Are jugglers with flaming batons.


And again, still it is difficult for me to make such a loud announcement, so softly I say, please keep following my journey, more neat art stuff is on the way.


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See “Slide One” for a brief synopsis.