“The House That Jack Built”-Week Seven


“The House That Jack Built”

Week Seven-Second Corner with Suggestions


Herein is the second corner of the Pen & Ink worksheet with suggestions from viewers to “The House That Jack Built” project. This is a camera shot rather than a digital scan so coloring is different from the previous “2nd corner” post.

Thanks to all that have participated so far.

As I mentioned in the first post (June 16) of this project, not all suggestions can be incorporated into the image. However some suggestions I do not include may still find their way into another corner of the house.

An example of this-Ivy was suggested for the Second Corner and I have decided to add this to the Fourth Corner area. A cat was suggested in the First Corner posting, I have used it in the Second Corner “framed painting with the rocking chair”.

As I continue to lay out the painting, some shifting, additions, and alterations of suggestions can still take place up to the final strokes of the brush.


Next week I will post the Third Corner with areas to be considered and look forward to additional suggestions.


The continuing posting schedule for the project is, as laid out:

Today,  Monday, July 28; Second Corner with suggested items.

Monday, August 4; Post the Third Corner for suggestions of that area

Continue the sequence, and end the project with the posting of the completed painting.


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“The Ukazoo Art Exhibit”-Four of Nine

She Loves Me Not

“The Ukazoo Art Exhibit”

Fourth of the Nine Oil Paintings displayed


“She Loves Me Not”

March, 2013

16” x 20” Oil on Board


After two months of holiday season and the distractions of reading several books I refocused on painting again, knowing if I was to seriously consider a next art exhibit I wanted to be able to complete an estimated number of paintings.

In late January, 2013, I started a painting that I considered to be my cornerstone of the next exhibit and a month later this painting was shelved by technical problems that arose with the undercoating. Frustrated  and not sure about restarting it, I turned my attention to a new painting- “She Loves Me Not”.

As the “Still Life-Vase and Apples” was jokingly referred it as “my first serious” oil painting, “She Loves Me Not” was to be jokingly referred to as my “trek into tragedy”.



With April showers (an understatement) behind us and May flowers a-blooming, there is still the reminder of the upcoming new project to be posted Monday June 16th. Added to the flashing lights, musical fanfare, confetti, fireworks, and the jugglers with flaming batons of last weeks:




Are clowns weaving back and forth on six foot high unicycles.


As always, knowing my difficulty of making such a loud announcement, I say softy, please keep following my journey, more neat art stuff is on the way.


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See “Slide One” for a brief synopsis.